Customer Service Rep Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on October 2, 2015

Surely you have heard the cliché customers are our prime assets in a number of adverts. It may have become predictable now but you will be surprised to know that companies are actually laying it all bare when they say something like this. Customers really are their prime assets. So it only makes sense that they want to hire customer service representatives who can handle their “prime assets” with care.

People applying for customer service representative positions will need to pay special attention to what they write in their cover letters. Since this position is usually an entry level one, CSRs are quite careful in handling the duties meted out to them. But employers need to know that the person to whom they are giving a duty is capable of handling it properly. Hence, the emphasis on writing a cover letter that truly edicts an applicant’s true capabilities.

When you write a cover letter for a customer service representative position, make sure that it is concrete in nature. It should cover every angle. And if you are applying for this position but have no experience in the work, you will have to be extra careful of what you write. Remember the cliché mentioned above. You should be able to write something like this:


Customer Service Rep Cover Letter No Experience


Mary Lewis
25 Palm Street
Easton, MD 20521
(666) 666-6666
Mary @ email . com

October 2, 2015

Mr. David Robinson
Hiring Manager
International Paper
920 N Washington Road
Easton, MD 20182


Dear Mr. Robinson:

I recently graduated with a 3.75 GPA from the University of Maryland, where I was enrolled in bachelor’s of business administration program. Your position for a customer service representative strongly appeals to me – as a marketing major, the importance of good customer services and recurring business opportunities is not lost on me.

As a dedicated, hardworking and goal-oriented, I would like to use the following qualifications to controbute to your bottom-line:

• Competent at creating and updating customer accounts and entering data in system
• Demonstrated ability to perform all kinds of administrative work
• Well-versed in dealing with walk-in customers and responding to phone inquiries
• Specialized courses in preparing letters and processing customer requests
• Adept at filing and scanning records

I believe that with my customer service acumen and understanding of your target market, I can step into the position of a customer service representative and be immediately productive. I’d  welcome a personal interview to discuss my qualifications for this position and will be in touch with you to set a date and time. Until then, I can be reached at (666) 666-6666.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Mary Lewis

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