Best 2 Customer Service Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: March 29, 2021

A persuasive cover letter for Customer Service Assistant position can make a big difference in your job hunting success.

If your cover letter is not up to the mark, you might lose the opportunity of an interview with the potential employer.

A customer service assistant cover letter must be aimed at communicating the information different than your resume.

Your letter should transcribe the positive and job relevant personality traits you possess.

Since the position needs to deal with customers all day long, a client-oriented attitude is of pivotal value for the job.

Make sure you instill that in your cover letter.

As customer service is a public dealing position, so an ideal cover letter for the same needs to be convincing and interactive.

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Customer Service Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Vanessa Jason
vanessa.jason @ email . com
433 Prairie Shores, Chicago, IL 67102
(009) 555-7777

March 29, 2021

Mr. Richard Francis
HR Manager
One-Stop Stores
78 Unity Avenue
Chicago, IL 67102

Dear Mr. Francis:

As a seasoned, energetic, and highly energetic customer services professional, I am applying for the Customer Service Assistant position at One Stop Stores. 

Per your job advertisement cited on your website, you require an active, self-motivated, and experienced customer service assistant for your store’s outlet in Illinois. I offer the following qualifications:

✓ Customer service-oriented person with excellent presentation and communication skills.
✓ Solid knowledge of modern marketing tactics and selling strategies for product promotion.
✓ Deep understanding of logistics and cyclical product operations.
✓ Well-versed in managing customer accounts and databases.

I increased my previous employer’s revenue by 80000$ within the first six months through effective dealing with customers, answering their queries, and updating them about new and upcoming offers. I believe all these experiences place me in a favorable light to fulfill the current vacancy of a customer service assistant at your firm.

As an energetic and upbeat customer service professional, I anticipate a chance to meet with you in person to establish my candidacy further. I will call you later this week to secure an interview date and time that suit your schedule. In case you like to speak earlier, please call me at (003) 222-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Vanessa Jason

Customer Service Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

March 29, 2021

Mr. Joshua Westen
Human Resources Manager 
One Stop Stores
435 Rocky Road
Taylorsville, UT 84310

Dear Mr. Westen:

If you are on the lookout for an individual who knows the secrets of ensuring recurring business and can motivate even the most reluctant customers to buy your products, then I am the best candidate.

To make the hiring decision as easy as possible for you, I have specifically tailored my resume to the specifications that you have detailed in your advertisement. If you look through the accomplishments section on my resume, you will discover that I have recently been involved in a customer service drive, which resulted in Yale Retail (my present place of employment) gaining a whopping 10,000 customers.

The list of my career successes is expansive and spans three offices across New York and New Jersey. Since my customer service abilities thrive in a high-profile environment where I am free to identify opportunities, I believe I am the right person – someone who will provide you with great value by surpassing expected goals.

With my extensive experience in customer service, I feel confident that I can contribute to One Stop Stores, and want to talk to you about it in person. Can we meet?


Bridget Skans

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