Church Custodian Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 4, 2018

It is not often that hiring managers come across resumes that have dedicated skills sections in them. But when they do, no one is happier than they are!

The search for the perfect employee can end with a resume of this sort. Yes, that is how important skills are.

Skills define us as candidates, and resumes and cover letters that do not boast of skills are considered incomplete. Where cover letters are concerned, skills are all there are, since cover letters are about skills only. Placing your skills information in your job application documents is imperative.

Some employers consider skills to be more important than experience, as the former tells them what you are capable of doing in the future, once you have been hired.

It is true that listing your skills in a job application document is not a piece of cake. In fact, it can be quite cumbersome to create a list of all the things that you are good at.

The best way to go about it is to make a list in correlation with what the hiring manager wants. Look through the advertisement that the hiring manager has posted, and compare it with what you have. Voila! You have a skills list ready!

For a church custodian position, the following list of skills should help you write your own:


Sample Skills for Church Custodian Resume


• Highly skilled in cleaning surfaces within a church building by effectively and efficiently performing sweeping and mopping activities.

• Deep familiarity with using cleaning and sanitizing chemicals safely, ensuring that no harm comes to anyone.

• Exceptionally well-versed in washing and sanitizing restrooms, paying special attention to performing core disinfection functions.

• Effectively able to mix, use and store hazardous cleaning materials according to specified instructions.

• Demonstrated expertise in operating cleaning and maintenance equipment such as vacuum cleaners and buffing machines to perform cleaning and maintenance work.

• Documented success in providing well-structured custodial support to church events such as weddings, funerals, holiday events, baptisms, and christenings.

• Exceptionally insightful about handling core security functions by ensuring that all security alarms are appropriately set and reset.

• Proficient in scouting areas in and around church buildings, ensuring that any security concerns or breaches are handled properly.

• Adept at overseeing cleaning supplies inventory, and ensuring that any low stock situations are communicated to the church management.

• Solid track record of effectively creating and implementing well-placed systems to dispose of trash in a manner consistent with the management’s instructions.