Pizza Delivery Driver Skills, Qualifications, and Strengths

Updated August 6, 2021
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The skills section of the pizza delivery driver’s resume reflects your enthusiasm for a pizza delivery job.

Therefore, you should include the pertinent information along with relevant keywords in this section.

This section is also known as Core Competencies, Key Qualifications, or Strengths.

You may write the following bullet points in this section. Choose 4-5 bullet points that closely complement the employer’s needs.

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Pizza Delivery Driver Skills, Qualifications, and Strengths

• Demonstrated ability to answer phones, take pizza orders using computerized POS, and assist kitchen staff.

• Excellent customer service and communication skills.

• Current driver’s license with a reliable and insured car, as well as a good driving record.

• Adept at performing the pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections.

• Highly skilled in recording information on pick-ups and deliveries, automobile mileage, and fuel costs.

• Reports any incidents or problems encountered.

• Excellent GPS navigation skills to read a map, find shortest routes, and locate addresses within the designated delivery area.

• Hands-on driving skills and road safety awareness.

• Projects a positive image to the customers and builds professional relationships with them.

• Efficient cash handling, cash drops, and reconciliation acumen.

• A passionate individual who enjoys driving extensively in all weather conditions.

• Proven ability to work alone as well as a part of a team.

• Detail-oriented and able to work and drive continually without errors.

• Possess a high level of stamina and physical fitness.

• Exceptionally calm temperament with a friendly approach towards other road users.

• Well-versed in making delivery schedules and service routes.

• Hands-on experience in cross-selling relevant products.

• Proven ability to accept payments for pizzas through cash and credit cards.

• Able to complete record sheets and perform necessary paperwork.

• Well-versed in helping with in-shop duties when not on the road.

• Friendly demeanor with the ability to treat customers like family and friends.

• Much enthusiasm for learning new things.

• Good math and calculation skills.

• Track record of assisting co-workers and keeping the store clean and stocked.

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