Dunkin Donuts Cover Letter Sample

Updated: March 25, 2023

Job seekers often get stuck at writing cover letters. After all, what more can one write than what has already been provided in the resume?

The catch here is that cover letters are completely different from resumes, despite applicants thinking otherwise.

A cover letter does not hold the same information as a resume. In fact, it builds upon the information provided in the resume.

What type of information should be included in a Dunkin Donuts cover letter?

Well, the hiring manager wants to know what you are capable of doing for him or her, so you need to first find out what it is that he or she wants. This information will further make it easy for the hiring manager to make a decision.

Matching what you have in terms of skills with what a hiring manager needs in the same terms is what is going to get you to become a favorite.

Here is a sample to help you along:

Sample Cover Letter for Dunkin Donuts Jobs (Crew Member)

March 25, 2023

Mr. Trevor Stephenson
Human Resource Manager
Dunkin Donuts
56 Hill Road
South Bend, IN 29033

Dear Mr. Stephenson:

I am excited to apply for the crew member position at Dunkin Donuts. I have worked in this capacity for over 5 years, and love everything about the role. Whatever I have learned as a crew member, I would now like to extend the benefit to Dunkin Donuts.

I am extremely adept at providing sales and customer service while performing multiple tasks simultaneously. I am a customer service-oriented individual who has extensive experience in taking and processing orders for coffee, donuts, and sandwiches.

My time working as a crew member at ABC Company was fun and productive. Over the years that I have worked in this capacity, I learned much about not only handling orders, but managing a wide variety of other tasks such as food rotation and stocking, cash drawer balancing, and vendor relations. With such extensive insight into how Dunkin Donuts outlets work worldwide, I am sure that I will be a great addition to your team.

Owing to my extensive passion to work as a team member, I will contact your office to set up an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Rhonda Mc Millan

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