Cabin Crew Follow-up / Thank You Letter after Interview

Updated on May 27, 2019

Okay, so an interview for a cabin crew position is over and done with – what should you do now?

Write a follow-up or thank you a letter, of course!


Why so soon?

It is simple. The interviewer who interviewed you must have interviewed other people, and you do not want to end up being just a face for him.

By virtue of another letter, you will be able to reconnect with the interviewer and show him that you are indeed, the best of the lot.

Saying thank you for an interview gives you another chance to reiterate your interest in the job.


To be able to stand out, you need to write a follow-up letter, the contents of which should be a simple thank you and some information that will help the interviewer recall you.

You do not need to stretch your letter too long as employers typically have very little time on their hands but if you feel that there is something you need to add which will entice the prospective employer into calling you in for a second interview, by all means, write it.

In a follow-up, thank you letter for a cabin crew position, you might want to praise the airline that you have applied to (but not too much). Here is a sample you can take ideas from:

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Cabin Crew Thank You Letter after Interview (Sample 1)


May 27, 2019

Ms. Cindy Dalton
Human Resources Manager
Delta Airlines
918 Dee Street
Humble, TX 72946


Dear Ms. Dalton:

The twenty-five minutes I spent at the cabin crew interview yesterday was the most insightful time I have had in my life. Looking at the aviation world from the point of view of a veteran such as you have further solidified my resolve to work for Delta Airlines, the best in the aviation industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with a detailed view of how Delta Airlines works and your expectations from the cabin crew. As I study the job description further, I feel even more confident that I can live up to the expectations of both the airline and its patrons in a cabin crew role. I understand that you are looking for people who can gel into this role entirely, and I assure you that I have that capability.

As I mentioned when we met, my knowledge of working for airlines is immense as I have worked for Air Canada and Air America over the 12 years that I have been in the industry. Under this broad experience, I am confident that I will bring much to your organization in terms of hospitality and customer service.

Thank you once again for the time you took out of a busy schedule to interview me. I look forward to the second interview and anticipate working at a cabin crew position with Delta Airlines soon.


Sincere regards,


Macy Cougar


Cabin Crew Follow-up Letter after Interview (Email Version)


May 27, 2019


Dear Mr. David:

I enjoyed meeting with you on Wednesday in the interview for the position of cabin crew and learning more about the operations of Air Canada. After meeting, I am even more interested in the cabin crew position and would like to be a part of your energetic team.

You have an excellent reputation and reputation in the Airline industry. I know I can be an integral part of your team and look forward to growing with Air Canada.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in the second interview.



Anna Brown

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