14 Cabin Crew Skills and Qualities for Resume

Updated on: August 7, 2023

When it comes to including Cabin Crew skills and qualities on your resume, it’s essential to highlight the relevant attributes that will make you stand out as a top candidate for the job.

Review the job description carefully and identify the skills and qualities that are most important for the role. Make sure to emphasize those specific traits on your resume in a separate section.

Here are some key skills and qualities to consider including. Remember to tailor your resume to each airline’s specific requirements and job description. Highlighting these skills and qualities will greatly increase your chances of standing out as a strong candidate. 

1. Excellent communication:
As a cabin crew member, you will interact with passengers, fellow crew members, and other airline personnel on a daily basis. Demonstrating strong verbal and written communication skills is crucial for ensuring clear and effective communication.

2. Customer service:
Providing exceptional customer service is a top priority for cabin crew members. Highlight your ability to anticipate and meet the needs of passengers, resolve conflicts, and maintain a friendly and professional demeanor.

3. Multitasking:
Cabin crew members often have to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Showcase your ability to prioritize and manage time effectively, especially during busy flights or in emergency situations.

4. Problem-solving:
Quick thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for dealing with unexpected situations onboard. Illustrate your ability to stay calm under pressure and find solutions to challenges that may arise.

5. Teamwork:
Working collaboratively with a diverse group of crew members is a fundamental aspect of the cabin crew role. Emphasize your team-oriented attitude and your ability to work well in a team.

6. Attention to detail:
Cabin crew members are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. Demonstrate your attentiveness to detail, such as following safety protocols, maintaining cleanliness, and providing accurate information to passengers.

7. Cultural awareness:
Airlines operate globally, and cabin crew members often interact with passengers from various cultural backgrounds. Highlight your ability to embrace diversity, respect cultural differences, and provide inclusive service to all passengers.

8. Safety Awareness:
Cabin Crew members must have a strong understanding of safety protocols and emergency procedures. Mention any relevant safety training or certifications you have acquired

9. First Aid Training:
If you have received any first aid or CPR certifications, be sure to include them as they are essential skills for a Cabin Crew member.

10. Language Proficiency:
Fluency in multiple languages is highly valued in the airline industry, so mention any additional languages you are proficient in.

11. Positive Attitude:
Show your enthusiasm for providing excellent service and ensuring a positive experience for passengers.

12. Professionalism:
Showcase your professional demeanor, grooming standards, and ability to uphold the company’s image and values.

13. Adaptability:
Cabin Crew members often face changes in schedules, unpredictable situations, and varying demands. Show how you can adapt quickly and remain composed under pressure.

14. Emotional intelligence:
Show your capacity to empathize with passengers, handle challenging situations with diplomacy, and remain calm under pressure. Highlight your ability to provide a comforting and reassuring presence during flights.

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