Entry Level Firefighter Cover Letter Sample

Updated on May 25, 2016

Using a reader-centered approach to writing a cover letter is imperative, even at the entry level – actually, especially at the entry level. Showing specifically how you can help the organization meet its goals and objectives is important if you want your application to be considered. Move from general to specific information when writing a cover letter.

The introduction of your cover letter should discuss the following:

• How you heard about the open position.
• A brief mention of what you understood about the organization and its goals.
• How your professional profile matches the requirements of the position.

The body paragraph(s) should include:

• Detail supporting your claim to be able to help the company achieve its goals.
• Specific examples of your qualifications or achievements or both.
• How you intend to contribute to the company.

The closing paragraph should include:

• Reiterate your interest in the job.
• Ask for an interview date and time and / or give a feeler that you will be calling to set up an interview.
• Provide your own contact information.

This basically sums up cover letter writing to the tee. Here is a cover letter sample to help you decide how all this can be done:


Entry Level Firefighter Cover Letter Sample


2145 Pine Street South
Flint, MI 70125

May 25, 2016

Mr. Joe Frig
Hiring Manager
City of Flint
96 Kentucky Avenue
Flint, MI 77878


Dear Mr. Frig:

As a recent firefighting license holder with a CPAT certification, I am ready and raring to begin my career as a firefighter at the office of the City of Flint.

Let me briefly highlight my qualifications:

• Demonstrated expertise in responding immediately to emergency calls and requests for assistance.
• Highly skilled in assessing emergency situations including fires, road accidents and terrorist incidents, and providing correlating firefighting services in a prompt manner.
• Well-versed in minimizing distress and suffering by providing first aid and CPR prior to arrival of ambulance services.
• Deeply familiar with inspecting and maintaining firefighting equipment and apparatus to ensure appropriate usability in time of emergency calls.

During my training, I proved myself as a team-player and an effective member of the firefighting team that was responsible for extinguishing the huge fire that broke out at the Mariton Hotel on Elm Road, last month. My enthusiasm for this work and the ability to think on my feet will prove beneficial in this role – I want to bring this passion to your department and request an interview to more fully demonstrate the fit between your requirements and my talents.

I will follow up this letter through a phone call next week and can be contacted at (000) 555-1010 if required.



Adam Cole

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