Firefighting Resume Objective Statements

Updated on September 6, 2018

Firefighters are amazing people! They face danger every day of their lives to save other people’s lives – people they do not know from Adam! These remarkable people respond to distress calls for suppression of fires brought on by natural disasters, arson or accident and are expected to do all that is physically possible to ward off the fire and save the people and property involved.

Working as a firefighter can be an internal conflict for most people as they cannot always save people or property as is expected of them. Regardless, they work diligently day in and day out to help others.

Firefighters need only be high school graduates to be able to work in this position; however, training and expertise play a significant role. Since the need to be quick and resourceful at all times is eminent in this job, firefighters are trained in reflex actions and quick thinking. They handle critical decision making under life-threatening conditions which are not everyone’s ball game. If you think it is yours, you may want to work as a firefighter.

Let us help you apply for this position with the aid of the following sample resume objective statements:

Sample Objectives for Firefighting Resume

• Seeking a Firefighter position with General Dynamics using sound judgment and thorough firefighting training. Eager to help people in adverse situations.

• Looking for a position as a Firefighter at Core Tech where I may be able to use my training in using modern techniques to manage different types of fires. Demonstrated ability to work under stressful conditions.

• A Firefighter’s position with Ku Klan. Offering ability to determine priorities along with experience in fighting fires brought on by differing situations.

• To obtain employment as a Firefighter with the City of Oklahoma using expertise in firefighting techniques and acute resourcefulness in the emergency situation.

• To work as a firefighter with the City of Seattle utilizing knowledge of equipment and techniques used in modern firefighting to assist in suppressing fires.