High School Counselor Skills for Resume

Updated March 25, 2017

When people talk about skills, they do not only mean work-related skills. Work-related skills are important, but so are those that help you work in a team environment, or dub you a “keen observer”. When you provide employers with a mix of skills, you help them decide in your favor. Making the decision to hire you easy is important.

Skills are something that employers depend on highly when making critical hiring decision. If your skills set says that you are exactly the way a hiring manager wants you to be, you will be immediately hired. If there is some difference between what you can offer and what the employer wants, you may still be considered. But if you have nothing in common with what the employer is looking for, you have a problem! Relate your skills as close to the requirements of an employer and you cannot go wrong in your job-hunting endeavors.

A resume is your basic job application document, and you must write your skills in it. In fact, dedicating an entire section to skills is what is required if impressing the hiring manager is what you want to do. Since the resume is given a lot of thought and attention, it is best to use this avenue to communicate your abilities to a prospective employer. Here are a few ways you can do this:

Sample Skills for High School Counselor Resume

• Highly experienced in developing, maintaining and implementing all-encompassing counseling plans, in correlation to modern methods of mentoring and teaching

• Demonstrated ability to assist students in understanding and appreciating cultural and religious differences amongst themselves

• Deep insight into assessing students’ attributes to help them realize their individual strengths and abilities

• Well-versed in engaged students in conversation to determine their specific problems and limitations

• Highly skilled in identifying behavioral problems in assigned students, and creating and implementing appropriate intervention programs and activities to meet them

• Exceptionally talented in evaluating students through well-placed assessments, and reporting concerns to teachers and parents

• Effectively able to assist teachers in the implementation of special service programs and the mainstreaming of special service students

• Documented success in placing students in specific programs and courses, in coordination with their specific interests and abilities

• Deeply familiar with administrating testing programs assigned to the guidance departments

• Proven ability to develop written plans for effective delivery of the school counseling program, based on school data and metrics

• Qualified to implement developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented group activities to meet students’ needs and the school’s goals