Mental health positions are more demanding than most of the other positions in health care since these positions deal with the emotional aspect of humanity. Keeping this into consideration, building an impressive profile summary for the resume of a mental health counselor is not a simple task.

A safe way to go about the process of creating an impressive summary for a mental health counselor resume is to use maximum key terms like therapeutic interventions, CBT, family counseling, rapport building, mental rehabilitation and thought processes. Using key terms not only creates a better impression, but in the online job market the same makes your resume more search engine friendly and easily retrievable.


Mental Health Counselor Resume Summary Examples

A profile or summary is your resume’s selling statement! Craft it wisely. Mention all your impressive professional aspects and especially highlight if you have an experience greater than five years in this field.

• Committed and highly dedicated mental health counselor with 6+ years’ extensive experience of counseling of people from a diverse background. Possess an outgoing personality with absolute rapport building skills. Offering expertise in mental health rehabilitation and cognitive behavioral therapeutic interventions.

• Mental health professional with twelve plus years’ hands on experience in CBT, mental health counseling, interpreting thought processes and clearing blocks of negative energy. Adept at dealing with aggressive as well as clinically depressed individuals.

It’s more like a professional advertisement of your field related expertise, make it sound appealing. Make sure the job relevant skills and the ones demanded by the employer in the ad are fully covered in your profile since this will be form the first section of your resume.

• An expert mental health worker with special training in counseling. Offering seven plus years of experience in psychometrics, behavioral training and remedial therapy. Specialties include CBT and behavioral intervention.

The impression your profile summary creates will determine whether or not the employer will read through your resume till the end. Make it employer relevant and very engaging to maintain the recruiter’s interest in rest of the resume.

• A highly skilled mental health counselor with a strong proficiency in behavioral counseling. Possessing excellent diagnostic skills and therapeutic applications. Well versed in psychological testing and fully aware of the state approved mental health practices and policies.

• Seasoned and well tested mental health therapist with a track record of delivering effective mental health counseling services. Some of the core competencies include: Behavioral Monitoring and Evaluation, Psychological Testing, Therapeutic Intervention, and Psychological Research

Caution! A summary over crowded with skills usually leads to rejection. Streamline your skills, chose two or three highly relevant core competencies and mention only those in the summary. Save the rest of your skills and qualifications for the remaining sections of the resume.