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Updated May 8, 2022
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As a career counselor, your skills matter the most, especially in a resume. When writing the skills section of your resume, you must ensure that you highlight what is important.

While working as a career counselor, you will need skills set that are important to a recruiter. And it is this information that you have to focus on.

Furthermore, your knowledge of assessing students, and developing programs to meet their needs must be highlighted. Also, your skills in career coaching and mentoring should be made obvious.

In addition, a career counselor’s skills section must emphasize the applicant’s knowledge of different colleges and universities.

Good communication skills and the ability to reach out to students are important.

Most resumes do not host skills sections, but yours should. As a career counselor, you cannot afford to let this opportunity go.

Here is a list of skills particular to the position of a career counselor:

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Sample Hard Skills for Career Counselor Resume

• Highly experienced in assessing students in order to determine their career goals.

• Effectively able to interview students to evaluate their skills and education levels.

• Skilled in identifying barriers that might prevent successful engagement of students.

• Well-versed in determining eligibility through metrics such as grades and class records.

• Proven ability to develop career plans, as well as ensure that they include relevant goals.

• Talented in directing and connecting students to available resources.

• Ability to provide active case management, and engage students in meaningful activities.

• Adept at following up with students to obtain placement success information.

• Proficient in providing career counseling to students and alumnae, both individually, and in groups.

• Expert at conducting mock interviews.

• Proven ability to coordinate special projects and programs, such as information sessions, and career fairs.

• Experienced in providing support in internship resources like directories and databases.

• Effectively able to support recruiting efforts by developing employer contacts for internships.

• Able to advise opportunities to students.

• Competent in providing direct and confidential personal and group counseling.

• Qualified to conduct on-campus recurring events.

• Focused on participating in and organizing committees that impact career development.

• First-hand experience in assisting in sponsored career events.

• Solid track record of creating and maintaining effective liaison with agencies such as job placement groups.

• Special talent for conducting special intake assessments in order to identify students’ needs.

• Unmatched ability to provide continuous educational, personal, and social adjustment counseling on an individual and group basis.

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