Records Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 29, 2017

Cover letters have many faces – applicants may want to write something but the end result may be something completely different.

This is why it is imperative for job seekers to ensure that they read and reread their cover letters several times before deeming them ready for submission.

As a candidate for a Records Coordinator job, you are in a precarious position, which means that you will need to be exceptionally careful in how you word your document.

Concentrating on your skills and abilities specifically, and making sure that the hiring manager understands what you are trying to tell him or her is imperative.

Use of language that may not be standard is a big fat no. While it is important to use professional words and phrases, you must not resort to writing flowery things, as you will not be impressing anyone. Instead, use easy to understand and gauge sentences and words. What follows is a cover letter sample that is based on this:


Records Coordinator Cover Letter Example



253 Green Street West
Union, WA 54210

July 29, 2017

Mr. Arnold Dunn
Human Resource Manager
Fenwick and West LLC
743Grass Valley Road
Union, WA 20844


Dear Mr. Dunn:

Intense exposure to coordinating and supporting open records requests in both governmental and non-governmental environments, makes me an excellent contender to be considered for a records coordinator position at Fenwick and West LLC. Owing to exceptional experience in designing and maintaining filing and records management systems, I am sure that hiring me will automatically translate into immediate contribution to your organization.

From my performance record and letters of recommendation, you will see that I can deliver exceptional service delivery across multiple teams of the records management department. Handling escalated issues and processing clarifications are my strong points, as is continually reevaluating current processes to ensure that best practice standards are followed and abided by.

As my background indicates, I am well-versed in overseeing the daily operations of records departments, focusing primarily on collecting and analyzing data for quality improvements. You will find that my background reflects achievements in identifying potential problems, and recommending viable solutions to ensure that records coordination work is consistently flawless.

Want to know more about my professional prowess in this regard? Let’s meet up! I will contact you soon. Until then, you may call be at (000) 524-6354 if you require further information regarding my suitability for a records coordinator job at your organization.




Danial Payne

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