Cover Letter for a Medical Records Coordinator Position

Updated on: November 30, 2021

Every healthcare facility needs administrative professionals to manage its records.

For that reason, they hire record coordinators who assist the organization in managing facility records.

This may include patient information records mostly.

If you are looking for work in this capacity, the following cover letter sample will help you get your dream job!

You can customize this sample per the employer’s requirements before sending it.

Medical Records Coordinator Cover Letter Example

701 Academy Avenue
Providence, RI 99828

November 30, 2021

Mr. Solomon Grey
Manager HR
Roter Family Hospital
425 South Road
Providence, RI 53463

Dear Mr. Grey:

I am writing to apply for your position of Medical Records Coordinator at Roter Family Hospital, as advertised on Providence Careers. This exciting opportunity appears to be a great fit with my professional experience, personal capabilities, and career goals. Possessing excellent knowledge of records management and procedures along with a profound understanding of the medical world, I am confident that I can contribute significantly to the mission of Roter Family Hospital.

During my work as a Records Officer at AAA Hospice for three years, I have acquired the skills that are needed to outperform in this role. My experience in managing clinical records/charts and ability to comply with accepted professional standards assists me in getting my job done correctly. Moreover, I comprehend the importance of maintaining patient confidentiality at all times and am proficient in the use of most standard medical records software. Additionally, I possess HIPAA knowledge and an understanding of most regulations that govern medical records.

I would like to meet you personally to discuss how I can be an asset to Roter Family Hospital in the role of Medical Records Coordinator. I will call your office at the end of the month to arrange an interview. If you need further information regarding my qualifications, I am readily available via email or phone numbers are given on my resume.

Thank you for your time in viewing my application.


Adam Humphrey

Enc. Resume