Project Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 16, 2019

Employed across many industries, project coordinators are operations professionals who develop, coordinate, and implement tasks associated with specific projects.

Reporting to project managers, project coordinators serve as the first contact for the project that they are working for.


Project coordinators perform most human resource and operations duties for a particular project, and they act as a bridge between project managers and clients.

A significant part of a project coordinator’s work is to allocate projects and resources to various departments and individuals. He or she sets project deadlines and ensures that resources are being used effectively.

He or she also liaise with different departments involved in a project and ensure that every project is delivered on time.

Another primary responsibility of a project coordinator is to organize and control project activities and make sure that any problems are handled according to the company’s procedures and protocols.


Since client contact is a huge part of a project coordinator’s work, it is crucial for project coordinators to possess exceptional communication skills.

Depending on the industry that a project coordinator is working for, he or she will need to possess a bachelor’s degree at the very least.

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The following list of duties will give you a clearer picture of what a project coordinator is expected to do.

Sample Job Description for Project Coordinator Resume

• Take project information from project manager and study project directives carefully

• Prepare, plan and implement project plans according to the instruction provided

• Provide direction and support to key players in accordance with program activities

• Ensure that resources are appropriately allocated to team members

• Assist the project manager in recruiting project staff and consultants

• Ensure that all departments are informed of their specific project duties

• Provide all project members with deadline information and ensure that projects are completed within allocated deadlines

• Make sure that any surplus materials or supplies are put away for use in a subsequent project

• Facilitate and coordinate project activities between departments and individuals

• Coordinate meeting agendas and prepare materials for project meetings

• Serve as support for project operational activities

• Create dashboards with the view of providing project oversight

• Provide assistance in developing training methods and implement new project initiatives

• Assist in developing project metrics and reporting processes

• Fosters positive relationships between team members to ensure the efficacy of each project

• Act as a communication link between departments

• Track the progress and quality of work being performed on each project module and prepare coinciding status reports

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