Import Export Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: September 7, 2018

An import and export coordinator is hired by freight companies, and other organizations to assist in handling details associated with imports and exports. This individual is required to create and maintain an active liaison between customers and suppliers, ensuring that all processes are managed smoothly.

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Import Export Coordinator Resume Sample


Jada Markson
190 Bend Road, Mobile, AL17000
(000) 999-9999


Uniquely qualified import and export coordinator with 9+ years’ extensive experience in ensuring the day to day monitoring of all exports and imports of assigned business units. Effectively able to ensure that the business unit follows updated work procedures, as they relate to the import and export of goods. Proven ability to select, contract, and manage relationships with freight carriers and forwarders. Recognized for recommending and implementing import and export strategies to improve supply chain efficiencies.

✓ Independently cleared a shipment worth over $10,000 which got stopped at customs.
✓ Implemented a core strategy to handle both import and export work, making it easier for the said processes to be carried out.
✓ Introduced a novel shipment tracking system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one being used.
✓ Devised an inventory oversight system, aimed at obtaining alerts for low inventory levels.


– Imports Clearance – Customs Liaison – Freight Forwarding
– Strategy Development – Invoice Creation – Shipment Tracking
– Warehouse Liaison – Inventory Oversight – Export Bookings
– Assessments – Problem Solving – License Determination


Import and Export Coordinator
Nissin International, Mobile, AL       2012-present
• Identify export and import compliance requirements, and ensure that they are handled according to protocol.
• Plan shipment routes in accordance with the nature of goods, costs, transmit timelines, and security.
• Guide freight efficiently through effective customer negotiations, aimed at ensuring repeat business.
• Arrange payments, insurance, and other related charges, and collect payments on clients’ behalf.
• Ensure the daily monitoring of imports and exports, by making sure that the right business processes are being followed.
• Manage internal proposed transactions to ensure that both import and export directives are being met.
• Create and implement import and export strategies to improve supply chain efficiencies.
• Develop purchase orders and delivery documents, and ensure that shipments are coordinated from multiple points.

Import/Export Coordinator
Medialinks, Mobile, AL             2008-2012
• Prepared work orders to ensure that all import and export activities can be assigned to the right people.
• Oversaw inventory, and provided management with information on inconsistencies or problems.
• Assisted in developing invoices, and managing import and export documentation and paperwork.
• Arranged freight forwarders to create export bookings, and ensured that a proper follow-up was managed.
• Assisted in creating importer security questionnaire, and ensured that it was collected on time.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
Alabama State University, Mobile, AL