Import Export Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 2, 2018

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Import Export Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

How did you end up working in an import and export capacity?
I was interning at a freight company right after obtaining a business degree and found that the import and export aspect of the work was something that I enjoyed immensely. Right after the internship ended, I decided to work in import and export, and I have been enjoying it thoroughly ever since.

What are the primary duties that you have performed in the role of an import and export coordinator?
As an import and export coordinator, my primary duties include:
• Planning shipping routes according to the nature of goods, transit times, costs, and security metrics.
• Preparing and maintaining paperwork associated with trading and shipping of items.
• Creating and obtaining approvals for orders, and documenting cost information and invoices.
• Managing warehouse inventories, aimed at ensuring that space is used efficiently.
• Liaising with customs officers to ensure easy and quick clearance of goods through the system.
• Preparing and confirming order approvals, and accurately releasing invoices.

What skills do you possess that make you a great person to be considered for an import and export coordinator at our organization?
Apart from the fact that I possess 10 years of experience in the import and export arena, I am well-organized, and a great communicator. In addition to this, I am well-versed in handling a wide variety of activities related to freight management as it pertains to imports and exports. Moreover, you will find me to be excellent at liaising with different people to ensure that import and export issues are handled in a profound, and efficient manner.

What has been the most challenging case that you have had to handle?
I was once tasked with coordinating with customs officials to have a parcel released, that the authorities insisted was illegally procured. After negotiating with them for ten days, I was still in a quandary about how to have it released, as they were adamant. I had no option but to bring the company lawyer in, and get the matter sorted.

What do you find most challenging about the work?
To be honest, the work, on the whole, is challenging. However, I do not find it difficult at all, since I love working in a challenging environment.

What are your 5-year career plans?
I hope to be heading a team of import and export coordinators, officers, and managers within the next five years.