Ocean Import Agent Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: June 26, 2022

An ocean import agent receives, reviews, and processes import documentation in aid of processing air and ocean import transactions.

He or she makes sure that all import-related activities are in order, and that any issues are handled as and when they occur.

Working as an ocean import agent will require you to possess a high school diploma.

It is important for someone working in this role to be able to understand freight documentation and all that it stands for.

Customer service skills, the ability to handle vendor relations, the capability of tracking and tracing shipments, and an understanding of department process flows are just some of the skills that an ocean import agent needs to possess.

In addition to all the skills and qualifications mentioned above, it is important to possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills so that they can effectively communicate with external vendors and of course, importers.

One of the main duties of an ocean import agent is to operate the handling of import ocean shipments – from the very beginning to the end. In essence, the success of this work depends greatly on excellent coordination skills, aimed at ensuring that shipment cycles are completed properly.

To see what an ocean import agent does on any typical day at work, have a look at the following list of duties:

Ocean Import Agent Duties and Responsibilities

• Obtain shipment documents from supervisors and clients and compare them with imported shipments

• Track and trace shipments according to specified protocols and ensure that any missing shipments are flagged with high alerts

• Prepare and process documentation such as house and master airway bills, commercial documents, and regulatory paperwork

• Perform data entry activities in an accurate and timely manner, to ensure that the import database is kept updated

• Communicate with customers, vendors, and company offices to ensure that all information has flowed in a proper manner

• Review and process import documents and communicate with worldwide offices to ensure that they send appropriate import documents

• Validate information on carrier websites and manage carriers for arrival notices

• Assist in the processing of cargo to ensure timely delivery and ensure that the tracking system is properly updated

• Coordinate the release of goods from customs, carriers, and government agencies by providing them with information that they require to process items

• Provide advice to customers on import restrictions, tariff systems, and insurance requirements

• Assist in calculating duty and tariff payments owed on shipments and classify goods according to specific tariff coding systems