Fitness Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: May 6, 2018

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Fitness Coordinator Resume Example



Brittany Louis
466 Apple Road, Stowe, VT 60210
(000) 999-9999
britlou@email .com


Energetic and resourceful Fitness Coordinator with a track record of creating and implementing core health and fitness programs, based on individual clients’ requirements. Documented success in assisting in the formulation of fitness facility policies and plans. Experienced in supervising and monitoring exercise participants, and performing assessments.


• Facilities Management • Client Liaison • Client Review
• Assessments • Plan Development • Equipment Operation
• Scheduling and Tracking • Trainers Coordination • Inventory Tracking
• First Aid • Curriculum Development • Policies Enforcement

• Suggested introduction of a children’s Zumba class, which increased the studio’s revenue by 23%.
• Implemented an equipment maintenance system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Devised a client scheduling and tracking system, resulting in increased efficiency in client follow-up.
• Introduced 3 different types of fitness training programs, all of which proved to be exceptionally successful.


Fitness Coordinator
Pro Studio, Stowe, VT | 2011 – Present
• Greet clients as they arrive at the studio, and interview them to determine their fitness goals.
• Provide clients with information on available facilities and training programs.
• Assess clients’ physical health and conditions to determine their ability to handle fitness programs.
• Create and implement core fitness programs to meet each client’s specific requirements.
• Provide clients with information on proper nutrition, according to their body types, medical histories, and abilities to cope.
• Provide physical training to clients, based on developed plans, aiming to meet their individual goals.
• Provide emergency care and treatment such as CPR and First Aid, in cases of injuries or health issues.
• Maintain and update clients’ records on a regular basis, ensuring that all data in kept confidential.

Fitness Attendant
Metafit, Stowe, VT | 2004 – 2011
• Assisted clients in determining the right way of using fitness equipment.
• Set up and calibrated fitness equipment at the beginning of each shift.
• Scheduled fitness classes, ensuring that all enrolled students were informed of their timeslots.
• Created and maintain records of all clients, ensuring that they were timely updated.
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on all assigned fitness equipment.

Fitness Training Point, Stowe, VT – 2003
Certified Fitness Trainer

Stowe High School, Stowe, VT – 2002
High School Diploma