Cover Letter for Resident Coordinator

Updated on: May 4, 2019

Resident coordinators work in different capacities from neighborhoods to medical colleges depending on their specific job placements.

With their work more prominent in medical colleges, resident coordinators assist students with residency placements and perform administrative duties to support these placements.



Resident coordinators provide students with information that they will need to be placed appropriately.

They educate them about the policies and procedures for interviews and schedule informational activities.

If you are looking for a resident coordinator position, the following cover letter sample will help you acquire an interview.



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Resident Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


Celine Dredge
2719 Forrest Drive
Carlsbad, NM 33123
(920) 999-999
celine @ email . com

May 3, 2019

Mr. Richard Williamson
Manager HR
1837 Sunny Morning Drive
Carlsbad, NM 33322


Dear Mr. Williamson:

The job requirements that you have provided in your advertisement for a Resident Coordinator position are right on target for my present job search. With many years of providing hands-on coordination services to medical students and managing core administrative needs, I believe that I can quite comfortably meet the requirements for this position.

As my accompanying resume indicates, I have had considerable experience in formulating and implementing annual action plans for coordinating student placement activities. With a demonstrated understanding of student needs and the ability to act as a resource for community and campus needs, I fit the criterion perfectly. I have substantial knowledge of creating and maintaining a meaningful liaison with the Graduate Medical Education Office and other associates agencies in order to organize student programs – which can be a major asset to you.

Even though my resume is quite customized to your needs, I still believe that a meeting is in order. I would like to call you in a few days to discuss what you have in mind for this position, and you can also hear what I have to say about my suitability.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Celine Dredge

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