School coordinators normally work at high schools where their main job is to provide students with information on options regarding educational programs. They may work with existing students and potential ones to provide routine guidance and provide support and information for chosen programs.

Most schools insist that the school coordinator, that they are hiring, possess a bachelor’s degree in education with good communication skills – as this job is highly dependent on communicating appropriately. School coordinators need to profess a positive attitude along with ensuring that they motivate students effectively.

If you believe that you have all these qualities in you, you too can be a school coordinator, have a look at this cover letter sample that will help you apply for this position.


School Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


339 West Wood Road | Charlo, MT 93733 | (000) 222-1414 | emily @ email . com

November 15, 2014

Mr. Matt Dylan
Manager Human Resources
Charlo High School
2029 Locust Lane
Charlo, MT 54544


Dear Mr. Dylan:

As a highly motivated individual with a great focus on engendering results, I am applying for the position of a School Coordinator at Charlo High School. My style of managing coordination activities for students is highly emphasizes on teamwork and detail orientation.

At my previous place of work, I was primarily responsible for leading generation activities which taught me the need for strategic focus on generating quality results. Due to my solid people skills, I built strong relationships with both current and prospective students and have a successful track record of meeting their educational and career goals. With a working knowledge of bilingual educational laws, I am able to manage programs for a diverse student populace successfully.

I have a passion to assist students with the selection of best suitable educational programs. With my participatory style, I am confident of my ability to provide excellence in coordinating appropriate programs at Charlo High School. I look forward to discussing with you how I can use my hands-on experience to help coordinate different aspects of student educational programs at your school. Thank you for your time in looking through my application.



Emily Carr

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