An assistant cook is basically a chef’s helper in a culinary setting. He will perform basic food preparation duties and even prepare salads, soups and even manage the washing at times.

The right way to become a chef or a head cook is to start at the position of an assistant cook.

Take a look at this resume example that tells you what a resume for this position needs to hold in terms of workable information.



Assistant Cook Resume Sample


Doreen Bagel

4 Bar 2 Drive, Douglas, WY 22222
(009) 999-9999, Email

OBJECTIVE: Looking for an Assistant Cook position with Hyatt utilizing knowledge of kitchen management along with exceptional culinary skills in order to assist the head chef effectively with everyday work duties.

• 7 years of dedicated work as an assistant cook at Core Cruises
• Hands on experience in supporting the head cook in creating a culinary atmosphere and fulfilling the total function of the kitchen
• Highly skilled in assisting in the preparation of foods in sync with safety and health policies
• In depth knowledge of maintaining the kitchen in terms of supplies, inventories and cleanliness

• Accomplished a feat by assisting the head cook to manage cooking services for 2000 people for an event at the cruise ship
• Promoted from an apprentice position to a fully paid assistantship position following excellence in work practices and ethics

• Ability to communicate in English and Spanish
• Able to prepare food for special groups who may have eating disorders or allergies
• Knowledge of kitchen and food preparation standards
• Exceptionally well organized with an acute ability to multitask
• Strong people skills with a profound ability to take directions

Core Cruises – Douglas, WY
Assistant Cook | February 2010 – March 2013
• Assisted with preparation of cooking menu items
• Ensures that all sanitation rules are observed by the kitchen staff
• Maintained kitchen equipment and utensils
• Checked all items to ensure adequacy and quality
• Completed utility jobs as and when required
• Prepared salads, dressings and desserts
• Tested new recipes for quality and taste
• Maintain records of prepared food and manage inventory

High School Diploma | CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL, Douglas, WY – 2009