Assistant Cook Resume Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2019

An assistant cook is a chef’s helper in a culinary setting.

They perform essential food preparation duties and even prepare salads, soups and even manage the washing at times.


The right way to become a chef or a head cook is to start at the position of an assistant cook.

Take a look at this resume example that tells you what a resume for the assistant cook position should contain.

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Assistant Cook Resume Example



Doreen Bagel
4 Bar 2 Drive, Douglas, WY 25584
(009) 999-9999
[email protected]

Assistant Cook

Poised to utilize exceptional culinary skills to assist the head chef efficiently with everyday work duties.

Eight years of dedicated work as an assistant cook at Core Cruises. Successful track record in supporting the head cook in creating a culinary atmosphere and fulfilling the total function of the kitchen. Ability to prepare foods in sync with safety and health policies, while maintaining the kitchen concerning supplies, inventories, and cleanliness. Efficiently works in a team-oriented and fast-paced culinary environment.


  • Able to prepare food for special groups who may have eating disorders or allergies
  • Knowledge of kitchen and food preparation standards
  • Exceptionally well organized with an acute ability to multitask
  • Strong people skills with a profound ability to take directions


  • Accomplished a feat by assisting the head cook to manage cooking services for 2000 people for an event at the cruise ship.
  • Promoted from an apprentice position to a fully paid assistantship position following excellence in work practices and ethics.

Core Cruises – Douglas, WY
Assistant Cook | March 2013 – Present

  • Assist with preparation of cooking menu items.
  • Ensure that the kitchen staff observes all sanitation rules.
  • Maintain kitchen equipment and utensils.
  • Check all items to ensure adequacy and quality.

ABC Restaurant – Douglas, WY
Assistant Cook | February 2010 – March 2013

  • Completed utility jobs as and when required.
  • Prepared salads, dressings and desserts.
  • Tested new recipes for quality and taste.
  • Maintain records of prepared food and manage inventory.

High School Diploma
CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL, Douglas, WY – 2009

English and Spanish

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