Swim Coach Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 11, 2017

When was the last time you appeared for an interview?

If your answer is somewhere in the vicinity of “a pretty long time”, then you are on the right page!

If it has been a while since your last interview, you will be a bit shocked to know that a lot has changed where interview processes are concerned.

While the basics of conducting an interview may never change, the way an interview is conducted keeps changing constantly.

Nowadays, an interviewer needs to know more than what you have done in the past – he or she will focus on what you can do for them at this point in time.

For a swim coach interview, here is a set of questions and answers that may help pave your way:


Swim Coach Interview Questions and Answers


From a thousand other professions, why did you choose to become a swim coach?
I could have chosen to work in marketing which is what I had aspired to do before I realized that my best abilities surface when I am in water. Initially, I took swimming to be a pastime and did not give it much thought, until I realized that my strengths were not just in swimming, but also in training people to swim. I never looked back…

What skills do you have that make you an excellent choice to hire as a swim coach at our facility?
Apart from being physically dexterous and experienced in coaching swimmers, I am an exceptionally patient individual. This attribute makes it easy for me to coach first-timers or those who have an inherent fear of water. As far as job-specific skills are concerned, I have mastered most swimming strokes and can handle rough waters by applying my experience and expertise.

What is it that you fear the most when providing coaching?
I wouldn’t call it fear but when my students decide to quit the sport, I feel like a failure, even if their decision to leave is not based on my inability to coach them properly.

What is the one achievement that you are extremely proud of?
5 years ago, a lady approached me with her 5 year old daughter who had a physical challenge – she was born without limbs. I was asked to teach this little girl how to swim. At first, I refused as I had not had much experience working with people who had physical disabilities. On the mother’s insistence, I decided to give it a shot. I managed to train the girl to swim perfectly without having to use her limbs, and she is now enrolled in a state championship due to happen later this year!

Speaking of special needs, what is your experience in coaching people with special needs now?
After the incident with the 5 year old girl, I realized that I did have the potential to coach special needs people. Since then, I have brought onboard 78 students with special needs, 22 of which are still under my coaching.

As far as safety is concerned, what measures do you take while providing swimming coaching?
I firmly believe that a safe training area results in successful training. I make sure that the pool is cleaned and refilled as per schedule, and that there are no hazardous materials around the pool area. I also make sure that my students are aware of pool safety protocols and procedures, and that they follow them properly. In addition to this, I ascertain that all my students and staff are especially trained in CPR and First Aid.