6 Lead Cook Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: February 15, 2022

Once you have submitted both your resume and cover letter to apply for the lead cook job, you need to decide what to do next.

You cannot just sit back and wait. Because if your job application documents were good enough, chances are that you will be called in for an interview soon.

Prepare for it. Find out what questions you may be asked and practice answering them.

For a lead cook position, here is a set of interview questions and answers for you to look through:

Lead Cook Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are your qualifications to work as a lead cook?

After I obtained a degree in culinary sciences from a leading culinary school in the state, I began working as an assistant cook in a fine dining restaurant. That was 10 years ago. Since then, I have been diligently upping my qualifications by obtaining additional certifications in different cuisines. My forte lies in French, Italian, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

2. What skills do you possess that make you an excellent lead cook to hire?

I am great at menu development – I can gauge what the management and restaurant patrons would like to eat and can effectively create recipes accordingly. In addition to this, I am well-versed in handling various other kitchen duties, including inventory oversight, kitchen staff management, scheduling, enforcing sanitation practices, and resolving operational issues.

3. In your previous role as a lead cook, what were your prime responsibilities?

Apart from preparing and cooking food items such as main entrees, salads, soups, and special orders, I handled staff scheduling and training, ensured that the kitchen was clean and sanitized at all times, coordinated preventative and regular equipment maintenance, and oversaw supplies and equipment inventory.

4. In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of working as a lead cook?

I believe that the most difficult thing in this job is coordinating the different aspects of the work.

5. And how do you overcome this challenge?

I am an exceptionally organized person. With good organizational skills come great ease. I make sure that all protocols and procedures are followed which makes it easy for me to ensure exceptional coordination between the different areas of my work. Works almost every time!

6. What is the one accomplishment that you are exceptionally please about?

I am proud of the fact that I was the first runner-up in the Georgia Master Chef program last year. There was a lot of hard work involved and I managed to get to that level through sheer will and my ability to aim high.