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Updated on: October 21, 2018

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Position Overview

One of the primary duties of a business consultant is to support businesses in order to improve their processes.

But, this is not the only thing that a person working in this position does. In order to work as a business consultant, it is essential to be able to handle a wide variety of duties associated with the role such as:

• Gathering and organizing information
• Interviewing personnel
• Analyzing marketing as well as financial data
• Developing solutions
• Recommending new strategies as well as procedures

Business Consultant Resume – 2 Factors that Matters 

• Firstly, the way in which you craft your resume.
• Secondly, your choice of words and phrases.

Considering both points, the following is a professional business consultant resume sample to help you:



Business Consultant Resume Sample


Tyler Cohen
2903 Tree Lane, Columbus, OH 38054
(000) 999-9999


Resourceful and results-driven business consultant with 13+ years’ progressively responsible experience. Successful track record in helping companies by assessing their weaknesses and recommending solutions. Ability to determine clients’ requirements, and provide them with correlating business support. Explicitly determines causes and finds solutions for various business challenges.

• Implemented strategically well-placed business plans, improving the business process by 75% consequently.
• Devised a foolproof method to detect problems within business processes without delay.
• Successfully brought a considerable change in the business, therefore, grabbed a significant market share.
• Explicitly developed a new business plan, as a result, received high commendation by the management.


– Needs Assessment – Business Plan Development – Data Compilation
– Solutions Management – Change Management – Strategy Development
– Client Guidance – Problem Detection – Business Optimization
– Situation Evaluation – Staff Coaching – Marketing Support


Business Consultant
Robbin’s Research International, Columbus, OH        2010-present
• Perform needs analysis to determine what businesses require concerning change and additional support.
• Research and develop materials
• Recommended courses of action for identified weaknesses.
• Meet with business heads to assess their needs, capabilities, and readiness.
• Design training programs while ensuring that they are delivered profoundly.
• Analyze current states of businesses.
• Provide recommendations for increased productivity and profitability.
• Develop as well as communicate conclusions based on applied analytic evaluations.
• Review, evaluate, and prepare reports about business operations.
• Develop and implement initiatives in order to boost sales and profitability of the business.

Associate Business Consultant
Field Work Inc., Columbus, OH                  2005-2010
• Supported consulting engagements in order to analyze and assess business components that may pose issues.
• Performed techniques such as interviews and research work so as to obtain the required data.
• Handled gap analysis for key business areas, hence provided correlating solutions.
• Created functional specifications, thus prepared process diagrams and flowcharts.
• Identified business trends, consequently developed recommendations aimed at acquiring more clientele.

Master of Business Administration
Columbus Business School, Columbus, OH – 2009

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