General Contractor Resume Sample

Updated on: October 11, 2015

If you ever get a chance to visit a hiring manager’s office during an active hunt to fill positions within the company, you will see that his desk is brimming with job applications. You may not be able to tell if your resume is in there somewhere. Isn’t that shocking? How would you be able to reach out to the hiring manager if you cannot even get your resume across?

But if you write a general contractor resume that has a “knock your socks off” quality, it will be found even in a stack of hundred resumes. So it is up to you to make the employer aware that you exist on the planet and are ready to hire. Here is a resume sample for a general contractor position that is sure to pique a hiring manager’s interest:


General Contractor Resume Sample


Peter Collins

7364 Lucy Road ● Lakewood ● NJ 63632 ● (999) 999-9999 ● petecol @ email . com


Performance Profile: A versatile, adaptable and well-organized general contractor with over 5 years of experience in overseeing and managing construction and remodeling projects. Well-versed in gathering and evaluating bids and choosing the most appropriate one.

• Track record of reviewing construction drawing prior to bidding processes and ensure that they are engineered according to set specifications
• Hands-on experience in selecting subcontractors by determining their suitability for each sub-project
• Qualified to proficiently estimate budgets and ensuring quality control through all project modules
• Competent at planning all aspects of the construction project including costs of materials and staffing


● Project Planning ● Budget Control ● Staff Acquisition
● Orders Compliance ● Emergency Response ● Materials Procurement
● Permits Obtainment ● Remodeling/Renovation ● Subcontractor Training
● Cost Estimation ● Civil Engineering ● Negotiation


NORTH WIND GROUP, Lakewood, NJ (6/2011 to Present)
General Contractor
• Review details of each construction project and generate ideas to handle it properly
• Look for construction jobs and bid on several at the same time
• Hire and train construction workers and subcontractors to handle individual project modules
• Develop and distribute work duties for each construction work and subcontractor
• Establish deadlines and ensure that all work activities are done in accordance to them
• Contact vendors and suppliers to procure supplies and materials for individual project modules
• Negotiate per item price and ensure that total costs of materials and equipment falls within the given budget
• Oversee work duties being performed by workers to ensure compliance with master plan and safety requirements
• Explain the purpose of each project module and clients’ requirements to workers to ensure work conformity
• Ascertain that all construction workers (masons, electricians, carpenters, architects and engineers) are working in sync with each other

• Finished a restaurant remodeling project within 3 months, just in time for its reopening
• Decreased materials procurement expenses by 50% by contracting a new, local vendor
• Increased project efficiency by 60% by recruiting specialized subcontractors to handle different modules
• Negotiated a particularly difficult to obtain contract which resulted in increased revenue for the company

ARCO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Lakewood, NJ (1/2007 to 6/2011)
Construction Worker
• Comprehended work orders and ensured that appropriate tools and equipment are procured
• Installed and maintained floors and built and repaired walls, doors, window frames and floors
• Performed carpentry activities to complete base cabinets and wall cabinets
• Maintained and repaired concrete and surfacing
• Cleaned and cleared work areas from debris and hazardous materials

LAKEWOOD COLLEGE, Lakewood, NJ – 2009
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management