Dental Hygienist Cover Letter for New Graduates

Updated on: April 19, 2021

Most job openings for a dental hygienist demand a cover letter that should be included in the job application.

For recent college graduates, this becomes a problem since they don’t have much experience to elaborate on in their cover letters.

How to Write a Professional Entry-Level Dental Hygienist Cover Letter?

Below are some tips on how to draft an effective cover letter while making the most of your transferable skills.

  1. A Catchy Beginning: Make sure your letter has an attractive start and grabs the reader’s interest then and there, inspiring them to read it in detail.
  2. Conversational Tone: To be effective your cover letter must take a conversational tone. Since a cover letter represents you in front of the prospective employer, make sure it talks to their needs and presents you as a viable candidate.
  3. Asking for an interview: Proactive and keen candidates clearly request for an interview and also mention their follow up plan in the last part of their cover letters

Recent Graduates Dental Hygienist Cover Letter Sample

Johnathan Lee
216 Galaxy Horizon, Cambridge, MN 67884
(000) 254-4542
johnathan @ email . com

April 19, 2021

Mr. Gerald Hathaway
HR Manager
Aspen Dental
77 Dixon Lane
Cambridge, MN 67884

Dear Mr. Hathaway:

I learned about your need for a Dental Hygienist with great interest as my qualifications meet your job description almost exactly. Please accept my attached resume for your review and allow me to explain briefly how hiring me can lead to considerable enhancement of patient satisfaction at Aspen Dental.

My recent bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene has rendered me highly knowledgeable in oral hygiene and periodontics. The 120 hours internship which was part of the coursework has familiarized me well with applied dental hygiene protocols and challenges pertaining to the hands-on application of acquired knowledge. Fully equipped with all the skills needed to launch a successful career in dental hygiene along with a deep-rooted interest and keenness to learn and further expand my knowledge, I now stand ready to start work in the capacity of a dental hygienist.

My teachers and classmates have always found me to be a respectful, team-oriented individual and a diligent learner. I offer the same personality traits in combination with extensive knowledge in the field of dental hygiene to your vacant position. Moreover, my familiarity with diverse communities settled in the vicinity and my remarkable ability to converse well in 3 international languages is an additional asset associated with my candidacy considering your clientele from varied backgrounds.

I would welcome the opportunity to be interviewed for this position and to discuss the results you can expect from me as a member of your team. I shall follow up on this application next Monday. In case you want to speak earlier, I’d be happy to answer your queries regarding my background at (005) 254-4542.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jonathan Lee

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