Remodeling Contractor Resume Sample

Updated on: May 8, 2018

Your primary focus, when writing your remodeling contractor resume, should be to impress a hiring manager.

And it is easy to do so through a resume if the content is perfectly placed.

Here is a sample:




Remodeling Contractor Resume Example


Roy Christian
17 Bend Road, Eugene, OR 49031
(000) 999-9999


Uniquely-qualified remodeling contractor with 19+ years of experience in improving the quality and beauty of buildings, in a professional manner, which exceeds customer expectations. Well-versed in utilizing carpentry skills to efficiently and profitably produce remodeling projects.

• Successfully handled three remodeling projects at the same time, ensuring timely completion of all of them.
• Trained 15 labor workers to perform remodeling work, within a short time span of 4 months.
• Implemented a worksite preparation system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already in use.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on remodeling equipment, resulting in increased life and usage.


Project Planning Specs Comprehension Insulation Assistance
Rot Repair Cabinetry Installation Framing
Tile Work Equipment Use Preventative Maintenance
Worksite Preparation Inventory Oversight Vendor Liaison


Remodeling Contractor
Design PRO, Eugene, OR | 2009-Present
• Check specifications of each assigned remodeling projects, to determine required work.
• Perform inspections of worksites, to determine the type and quality of work required. Instruct and oversee laborers to clear worksites, ensuring that no hazardous materials are present.
• Create cost estimates of assigned remodeling projects, present them to clients, and obtain approvals.
• Make preparations to begin remodeling projects, by obtaining materials, equipment, tools, and machinery.
• Perform a variety of remodeling activities, including installing windows, and doors, and handling plumbing and electric wiring work.
• Oversee the work of others to ensure that remodeling work is being performed according to provided instructions.
• Arrange for materials and equipment to be present at the worksite, by ensuring that vendor and supplier follow up is properly done.
• Provide workers with information and insight into performing remodeling work in an efficient and safe manner.

Remodeling Assistant
H & H Construction, Eugene, OR | 1999-2009
• Cleared debris and hazardous materials from assigned work areas, to prepare them for remodeling or carpentry work.
• Acquired materials, tools, and equipment from storage areas, ensuring that the right ones are picked.
• Assisted contractors in pulling down old carpentry work, or electrical and plumbing lines.
• Provided support for replacing woodwork such as cabinets, windows, and doors.
• Oversaw the collection and storage of equipment and tools, at the end of each shift.

Eugene High School, Eugene, OR
High School Diploma