Drywall Taper Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: July 19, 2018

A Drywall Taper interview is nothing more than an insight into how well you know the job.

If you can convince an interviewer that you can, you have made it.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a drywall taper position:




Drywall Taper Interview Questions and Answers

What work duties have you performed in the role of a drywall taper?
To be specific, I have been actively sealing joints between wallboards, pressing paper tape over joints to embed tape into compound and seal joints, spreading and smoothing cementing materials over tape, using trowels or floating machines to blend joints with wall surfaces, filling cracks and holes, installing metal molding, and applying texture compounds and primers to walls and ceilings.

What specific skills do you possess which make you a great contender to hire as a drywall taper?
I am a highly experienced individual, who knows the work inside out, and can efficiently handle a wide variety of drywall work, sometimes all at the same time. I possess great insight into determining the right materials and tools required for each taping project, and can essentially sand walls to ensure uniformity between patched and unpatched areas. Moreover, I am a professional when it comes to quality control – I make sure that all taping and plastering work that I perform is done according to quality standards.

What do you find the most difficult about this job?
I find the work challenging in an overall capacity, but I cannot really outline anything that is difficult. I enjoy the work so much that even if difficulties do come my way, they do not bother me.

Recount a time when you handled a situation that might have gotten out of control.
I was once assigned a drywall taping project, that was a rush job. Since it was supposed to be done quickly, I was asked not to do an initial inspection. My sixth sense told me that an inspection was in order, and as I began, I discovered a colony of termites in the wall. Had I taped and plastered the wall before checking, the entire work would have been ruined in a few weeks.

How do you feel about working in a setting that is highly physical?
If you mean how I feel working in a setting that requires physical work, I don’t mind it one bit. I opted to work in this capacity, and I am comfortable with working in a physically taxing environment.

What are your future plans?
Eventually, I would like to work in a supervisory capacity, leading and training my teams of drywall tapers and installers.