Drywall Finisher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 14, 2019

Working as a drywall finisher is the perfect job for you, especially if you have already obtained an apprenticeship in it.

But, in order to work as one, you have to write a cover letter which will sell you as a possible candidate for the job.


When writing a cover letter for a drywall finisher position, you must focus on the many skills and competencies that you possess in this area.

Specifically, your knowledge of reading and comprehending blueprints and drawings must be highlighted.

Also, you must offer information about your ability to mix materials in order to create drywall pasting mixtures.

It is important to emphasize your knowledge of the work when writing a cover letter because the hiring manager would want to hire an individual who knows the work, and requires minimum training if any at all.


As a matter of fact, your cover letter should speak highly of you as a drywall finisher.

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A cover letter sample for this position is provided here:

Drywall Finisher Cover Letter Sample


August 14, 2019

Mr. Eric Shane
Human Resources Manager
DMR Construction Company
61 Treat Road
Grove City, OH 64021


Dear Mr. Shane:

My hands-on experience as a drywall finisher has prepared me extremely well to work at DMR Construction Company. The fact that I am well-versed in this work can be judged by the way in which I have accomplished much in the role. If you go through the attached resume, you will be able to determine my potential.

During the time that I have held the position of a drywall finisher, I have polished my skills in a number of areas, such as applying sealants and other coatings, spreading sealing compound between boards or panels, and sealing joints. Specifically, my skills are most profound in spreading and smoothing cementing material over the tape. Ensuring that the right amount of sealant compounds is mixed and used is a great strength of mine. Also, I am competent in working on high ceilings using scaffolding and other tools.

I am positive that I will be an excellent person to hire as a drywall finisher because of vast experience in this area. Selecting the correct sealing compounds, and ensuring that they are used according to the procedure is my forte.

Confident that once we have met, you will be able to gauge my skills in a better manner, I will contact your office to set up a meeting time. You may call me at (000) 263-3847 if needed.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.




Evan Hunter

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