Drywall Taper Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 19, 2018

You cannot think of a cover letter as a document that is there just to cover a resume. True, that is what it does, but a cover letter has more than just covering responsibilities. The document is created so that a hiring manager can delve deep into a candidate’s abilities as they correspond to the job, and decide if these abilities are what are indeed required to do the job well.

Writing a Drywall Taper cover letter may be the easiest or the hardest things to do, depending on how you look at it. If you have the information that will help you write a good one, it becomes easy.

If you are unaware of what goes into it, it may become a bit difficult to write a cover letter that truly rocks a hiring manager.

Collect and organize information regarding your skills, competencies, and accomplishments, and write a cover letter akin to the following one:


Drywall Taper Cover Letter Example


July 19, 2018

Mr. William Gladstone
Human Resource Manager
Tradesmen International
1003 Day Road SE
Carson City, NV 06393


Dear Mr. Gladstone:

My interest in working as a drywall taper at Tradesmen International is extremely well-placed, as I have done my research, and can safely say that I am the right person to be hired at this position in your organization. Boasting 8 years of experience in handling this work, I am positive that I will be an instant credit, and a welcome addition to your organization.

With such extensive experience in handling a wide variety of taping, hanging, mudding, finishing, and texturing work, I am confident that you will also agree that there is no one better than me to hire as a drywall taper. My comprehension of preparing wet compounds, pressing them into joints, and nailing and screwing holes in drywalls is immense and all-encompassing. Furthermore, once hired, you will see that the quality of my work is very high, which has led me to be commended for my skills in handling drywall taping and finishing work on many occasions. In addition to this, I possess insightful comprehension of using hand and automatic tools to apply tape and compound, ensuring that the end product is of high quality.

I will be in touch with your office to secure a time and date when you can conveniently meet with me in person so that I can highlight my abilities, and suitability for the position in a more profound manner. If you need to reach me in the interim, please call me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Nate Devin

(000) 777-7777