Concrete Finisher Resume Sample

Updated on: November 17, 2018

concrete finisher resume sampleA concrete finisher is an individual who performs the end work of a cementing job.

They make sure that the cement is properly leveled on walls and sidewalks, as well as floors.

In addition, they are expected to provide assistance during the cementing process as well.

Typically, a concrete finisher works together with a cement mason.

Concrete Finisher Resume

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Concrete Finisher Resume Sample

Maddox Nicholson
563 Hobbs Road, Brooklyn, NY12587
(000) 999-9999


Highly skilled concrete finisher with extensive experience in performing cement leveling and finishing work. Exceptionally well-versed in using tools and equipment particular to the trade in order to complete work processes in a timely manner. Demonstrated ability to check forms that hold concrete to see that they are constructed properly.


– Cement Mixing – Compacting – Damage Control
– Curing – Pouring Facilitation – Concrete Smoothing
– Casting Direction – Sealing Procedures – Wooden Molds Building
– Waterproofing – Polishing and Buffing – Design Management

• Successfully modified a concrete block according to the requirements of the client when 6 other finishers had given up on it.
• Implemented a novel cement mixing system, which took 50% less time than the one already being used.
• Trained 20 new concrete masons as part of the induction program.
• Introduced a new sealing procedure, hence producing 80% more quality.


Concrete Finisher
Prince Contractors, Brooklyn, NY 2011-present
• Check forms in order to ensure that they are constructed in a proper manner.
• Set forms to desired pitches and align them accordingly.
• Mold expansion joints and edges frequently.
• Monitor how weather elements affect concrete curing.
• Operate a variety of equipment such as power vibrators in order to compact concrete in required places.
• Mix cement, sand, and water in order to produce the right consistency of cement, grout, and slurries.
• Cut away damaged areas and drill holes to place reinforcement rods, as well as position rods to repair concrete.
• Pour water on concrete surfaces
• Use the assigned tools so as to smoothen surfaces and obtain desired finishes.
• Apply the hardening and sealing compounds in order to cure concrete surfaces, and waterproof as well as restore them.

Concrete Finisher
Century Construction, Brooklyn, NY 2009-2011
• Assisted in mixing and pouring concrete into desired areas.
• Ensured that all tools, as well as equipment, were made available to cement masons.
• Cleaned and maintained tools at the end of each shift as part of preventative maintenance.
• Assist masons in clearing work areas by removing debris and other materials.
• Oversaw the inventory of stock supplies.
• Communicated low stock situations to the supervisor.

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Brooklyn, NY – 2009

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