Construction Manager Resume Sample

Updated on December 16, 2015


As you edit your resume, you will notice that you have to put in a lot more information now than you had before. The quality of information will improve as you go up the career ladder and it is a good idea to make your resume seem complete with information that the employer wants to know.

If you have worked as a construction manager for some time, you must make sure that you supply information about your supervisory role, through mention of accomplishments and qualifications that you gained throughout. Here is a sample construction manager resume for your benefit:


Construction Manager Resume Sample


Phillips Collins

7852 Phoenixville Road ● Chaplin, CT 45865 ● (000) 123-9999 ● phill.collins @ email . com


Performance Summary: Dynamic, forward-thinking and highly-motivated construction manager with 6+ years’ solid track record of handling both commercial and residential construction projects. Able to effectively manage core details of creative construction projects by employing exceptional inspiration and ingenuity. Hands-on experience in:

• Determining project specifications and creating construction plans to meet requirements
• Liaising with architects, engineers, buyers and surveyors to determine project strategies
• Gathering resources and personnel and meting out work schedules and duties
• Ensuring site safety by religiously adhering to health, safety and environment (HSE) requirements


• Site Preparation• Program Development
• Project and Manpower Scheduling• Safety Compliance
• Quality Control Programs• Project Delay Foresight
• Deliverable Scheduling• Agreement Negotiation
• Safety Inspections• Permits Obtainment
• Structure Maintenance• Risk Mitigation

• Introduced and implement work site safety measures in an otherwise devoid construction culture, reducing the risk of onsite injuries by 80%.
• Foresaw delay in a key project, three weeks before the delivery deadline and took measures which decreased the delay to one week.
• Implemented a series of quality control programs that brought down chances of having to redo a module by 50%.
• Successfully negotiated a construction agreement, bringing the company its first commercial project.


Construction Manager | LEIDOS, Chaplin, CT | 6/2013 – Present

• Confer with clients to determine their specific commercial / residential construction needs
• Maintain constant contact with engineers, contractors and surveyors to define project scopes
• Create and implement core construction plans according to each clients’ specifications
• Develop complete packages for construction acquisition such as project implementation plans
• Serve as the primary point of contact for client and vendors
• Define each construction worker’s role and ensure that he follows it to the tee
• Provide assessment of construction projects by constantly monitoring and evaluating performance and duties
• Oversee all phases of the construction project and intervene where need for additional work is obvious
• Communicate safety standards to workers and ensure that they are followed according to the company’s rules and protocols

Construction Worker | BLACKBIRD CONSTRUCTION, Chaplin, CT | 1/2010 – 6/2013

• Took orders for construction projects and delved into details of construction activities
• Inspected and prepared sites for construction by removing debris and hazardous materials
• Cleaned, caulked and oiled forms and fabricate steel bars for precast pieces
• Built walls and roofs by following designated construction protocols
• Erected scaffolding, set wall forms and stripped and cleaned forms
• Followed blueprints to determine building layouts and ensured that all logistics were handled accordingly

Associate Degree in Construction Management