Position Overview

Computer technicians work in a variety of settings where they are required to provide assistance in managing computer hardware, networks and systems. It is safe to say that Computer Technicians are employed by organizations that use computers to run their work – which are basically everyone!

There are different types of computer technicians who are required to manage different areas of work. Network technicians lay networks and are required to make sure that they run efficiently. Help desk technicians on the other hand provide assistance to customers on the phone or emails.

Computer technicians need to keep themselves in sync with modern and ever-changing technology in order to be able to manage their work effectively. Since computer sciences is a highly volatile industry, any individual working in it needs to be able to manage all that it entails and sometime more in order to beat the competition.

It does not matter what kind of a computer technician you are; your skills in troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of computer systems need to be absolutely polished. Let us have a look at some skills that a computer technician needs to possess and should highlight in his or her resume:

Computer Technician Resume Skills

• Demonstrated ability to communicate electronically and in-person with end users experiencing difficulties in computer system

• Well versed in consulting user guides, hardware manuals and other documents to research and execute solutions

• Track record of responding to tickets quickly and recognize problems immediately

• Special talent for troubleshooting technical problems faced by users

• First-hand experience with a wide range of operating systems

• Functional knowledge of Windows and Unix based systems

• Highly skilled in troubleshooting a variety of hardware and branded systems

• Hands on experience in finding software problems and resolving issues

• Proficient in both coding and connectivity procedures and protocols

• Excellent ability to keep abreast of modern computer technologies

• In depth knowledge of popular software and hardware configurations

• Competent at laying complex networks and upgrading the same

• Proficient in LAN and WAN repair

• Special interest in embedded systems and the engineering involved