Data Collector Resume Sample With Less Experience

Updated on: May 4, 2022

Data Collectors are responsible for accumulating data for the company that they are working for.

This data may include primary and secondary data that a company might need to make appropriate decisions.

Following is an example of a data collector’s resume that will give you lots of assistance and information to build your resume.

Data Collector Resume Sample (Less Experience)

Stephen Bailey
635 76th Ave
Ozone Park, NY 66633
(000) 559-6669

To obtain a position of Data Collector at ABC Company where I will be able to use my keen research skills and data analysis acumen in an environment conducive to mutual growth

• Over 8 months of hands-on experience as a Data Collector
• Highly skilled in collecting company-specific data for analysis
• In-depth knowledge of recording troubleshooting actions to form audit trails
• Competent at processing and manipulating large amounts of data
• Proficient in creating liaisons with different departments for data dissemination activities
• Expert in MS Office Suite and data collection software

• Collected and processed department savvy meter data in record time for project openings
• Researched and wrote a booklet on department-specific data dissemination for new employees and precedential purposes


Data Collector
Abacus, New York, NY
Jul 2021 – Present
• Process large amounts of data for the company’s information needs
• Liaise with operators, engineers, and suppliers
• Compile and code results of data using specified tools
• Identify and resolve inconsistencies
• Prepare spreadsheets pertinent to data collection and dissemination
• Forward all data collected to relevant departments

Associate of Science in Statistics
City Community College, Ozone Park, NY

• Excellent research skills and communication skills in English
• Able to work with large amounts of data
• Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines