Data Collector Resume Example

Updated September 19, 2022
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There is a lot that applicants are clueless about when it comes to data collector resume writing, which is the prime reason for their downfall.

The minute you understand everything about resume writing is the moment that your career goals start to look achievable.

Resumes do not have to be too long. They need to be “compelling”.

The following example will help you understand:

Data Collector Resume Sample

Gary Lord
85 Andrea Street
Columbus, GA 68001
(000) 956-9652
garylord @ email . com


Highly organized Data Collector with 11 years of successful track record of gathering and reviewing the assigned data and ensuring its compliance with regulations and guidelines. Proficient in performing research to develop ways of acquiring the right type of information, ensuring data consistency and integrity at every point, and transmitting data to different channels through confidential and safe passages.


Data Collector
Lionbridge Technologies, Columbus, GA
Sep 2016 – Present

Selected Accomplishments and Contributions
• Successfully converted all 50,000 paper records into an electronic form, within 5 weeks of joining the company.
• Singlehandedly collected 100,000 records within 6 months, by putting in place exceptional skills in follow-up and collection.
Key Achievements
• Refer to work orders to determine the type and amount of data that needs to be collected
• Devise strategies to acquire access to required information without breaching any laws or protocols
• Use different mediums such as the Internet, databases, telephones, and emails to acquire required data
• Conduct interviews with people or employees, asking specified questions in a bid to obtain information from them
• Acquire data items and compare them with details in work orders to ensure accuracy
• Inspect each item to ensure that it reflects current and accurate characteristics as required by the requester
• Ensure that all acquired data modules are accurately and timely punched into the system
• Record any changes in data items to ensure maintenance of information integrity

Data Collection Officer
Westat, Columbus, GA
Aug 2012 – Sep 2016
Selected Accomplishments and Contributions
• Proved to be invaluable to the company by unearthing a competitor’s plan to crunch the company, during a routine data collection activity.
• Increased the confidentiality and integrity of collected data by implementing a safer records management system.
Key Achievements
• Performed data entry work to create records of acquired information in the company database
• Updated records on a regular basis to ensure their integrity and accuracy
• Ensured that all acquired and updated data was confidentially maintained, without fear of breaches
• Assisted in creating and administering questionnaires to acquire required data
• Provided support in electronically transmitting requested data to clients and employees, after verifying their authority

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Columbus University, Columbus, GA | 2004

✓ Rapport Building ✓ Interviewing
✓ Payments Marking ✓ Data Collation
✓ Reports Running ✓ Research
✓ Customer Interaction ✓ Surveys Administration
✓ Data Storage ✓ Data Warehousing
✓ Data Confidentiality ✓ Timesheets Preparation

• Excel Spreadsheets and Databases
• MS Word • Visio

Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Current Driver’s License with a clean driving record