Data Collector Job Description for Resume

Updated September 19, 2022
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Position Overview

Depending on which industry or organization a data collector is hired in, the work may be different.

While the essence of the work of a data collector may be the same in any industry – data collection is a vast term – the specifics will always be outlined by the company where one is working.

But there are some things that are common to the work of data collectors no matter which industry they work in.

Education Requirement

To work as a data collector, you need a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

However, an employer may want to hire someone with a bachelor’s degree in a related field if the data collection work falls under the “technical” genre.

Skills Requirements

Working as a data collector means that you have to be exceptionally organized and absolutely meticulous when it comes to doing your work.

Since the integrity and accuracy of collected data are of the utmost importance in this role, you have to be exceptionally competent in collecting the right information every time.

Also, you have to be painstakingly particular when creating and maintaining records of the information which you have collected.

One mistake and you may be considered a careless individual, even if you have worked extremely hard in the past and hold an excellent reputation.

Some of the standard duties of a data collector are provided in the list below:

Sample Job Description for Data Collector Resume

• Look through job orders to determine the type of data collection activities required each day.
• Create strategies to obtain data from different avenues in a quick manner, and in accordance with specified guidelines.
• Obtain data fields from specified avenues and check them for accuracy and integrity by comparing them with original instructions.
• Identify and establish contact with people and agencies to ensure the obtainment of data in a perfect manner.
• Assist individuals and organizations to take part in data collection activities by providing them with information on the merits of the action.
• Collect required information and ensure that it is properly saved until it can be punched into the system.
• Perform data entry work to place collected data into the company database, placing special emphasis on data integrity and accuracy.
• Ascertain that any data updates are properly punched into the system on a regular basis.
• Assess data to ensure that its confidentiality state and integrity are maintained throughout the time that it is in use.
• Respond to requests for information/data retrieval by first verifying the requester’s access and then providing them with information or data fields as required.