Inpatient Coder Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated on: January 2, 2021

The fact that skills are important in everything that we do is not something that we do not know. However, it is unfortunate that we tend to overlook this fact when writing a resume and move on to other sections that we deem important.

The skills section is as important as any other on a resume. When you miss out on writing about your skills, you miss out on opportunities.

In this competitive world, there is little that you can do to rise to the top of the candidate list. But whatever little that you can do, should be done. Elaborating on your skills is just one of those things that may seem small but is actually fundamentally important.

What is categorized as skills? Anything that you can do for the employer that will have a significant effect on his company or business, is considered a skill. You could be skilled in making money for the company because you are a great marketer. Or you could save the company some money because you are shrewd enough to know just where to save money. Everything that you do is based on skill. Do you now know why these are so important?

Great! Let us now see how they need to be made obvious in a resume. It is simple. Just make sure that you dedicate a special section to your skills. Do not just list them as one-word sentences. Elaborate on them a little. Something like this:

Sample Skills for Inpatient Coder Resume

• Hands-on experience in assigning codes for diagnosis, treatments, and procedures according to specific classification systems
• Demonstrated expertise in reviewing provider documentation and determining the principal diagnosis, secondary conditions, and surgical procedures
• Adept at using technical coding principles to assign appropriate ICD-9/10, CPT and HCPCS
• Proficient in extracting relevant information from source documents and entering them into correlating abstracting systems
• Highly skilled in reviewing documents to verify the information before punching it into the system
• Special talent for assigning medical codes to diagnosis and procedures of admitted patients
• Focused on ensuring the integrity of patient data punched into the coding system
• Skilled in correcting discrepancies that may arise during the data verification process
• Focused on complying with all policies and procedures of the medical facility when performing medical coding procedures
• Documented success in communicating effectively with staff members such as nurses and doctors to resolve discrepancies and inaccuracies in data coding
• Competent at ensuring that all patient data, including diagnosis and treatment procedures, are confidentially stored