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Updated on: July 23, 2019

Like all medical fields, competition has also skyrocketed in the field of Geriatric nursing assisting.

In order to get hired, a well-built resume is not enough these days. One needs a compelling cover letter to stand out of the lot.


How to Write a Geriatric Nursing Assistant Cover Letter?

Focus on the company’s needs

Effective cover letters are built around the employer’s needs. Address their needs one by one and tie your competencies to the job demands.

Reflect the hiring company’s culture

Conduct some research about the organization you are applying at and reflect their culture in your letter. This gives the impression that you will settle in easily.

Communicate your value

According to resume experts, wording out how exactly hiring you would add value to the firm really works. Give specific examples to the employers of how you can improve the effectiveness of the relevant department.

Below is a sample cover letter for GNA Resume to guide you further in this regard.


Geriatric Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Sample – GNA



Josephine Parker
493 Dutch Ave
Boonsboro, MD 64003
(003) 222-1111
josephine .@ email . com

July 23, 2019

Mr. Nelson Carter
HR Manager
City Healthcare
230 Evergreen Blvd
Boonsboro, MD 64003


Dear Mr. Carter:

As a passionate Geriatric Nursing Assistant, I am eager to contribute to City Healthcare. With regard to your current need for a geriatric nursing assistant, I am confident you will be interested in my relevant accomplishments and experience detailed in the enclosed resume.

I offer 6+ years’ hands-on experience in providing personal care assistance, administering prescribed medications, and assisting in ambulation and transportation of patients. In addition to being highly well versed in keeping documentation and recording daily vitals of patients, I am also an expert in delivering catheter care and providing ventilator support.

Of equal importance are my team playing and coordination skills. My strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with profound empathetic listening skills combined with genuine compassion for the sick and elderly are the key strengths that have contributed to my success as a GNA.

I strongly believe that the blend of expertise and experience I offer is a perfect match for your open GNA vacancy. I would appreciate an opportunity of seeing you in person to discuss the suitability of my candidacy for the said role further. I’ll call your office after a few days to answer any questions you might have regarding my background and also obtain a suitable interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Josephine Parker

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