Seafood Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated: August 27, 2017

Insightful cover letters for Seafood clerk position automatically make their way to the hiring managers’ desks.

Those that the ATS does not qualify are usually ones where job seekers have not bothered to put in viable information that is of good use to a prospective employer.

With technology taking over our lives, it is often difficult to fight our way into an organization, especially if the company in question scans their applications through artificial intelligence. The trick is to be a more intelligent than the AI!

Cover letters can be brilliantly written if a job seeker has bothered to perform some research on them. On the other hand, it is difficult to write one if you don’t know much about the employer whom you are targeting.

Finding out what the employer needs is foremost – aligning what you can do for him is step two. Once you have figured out what is required from you, you can go on to bring into line what you have to offer.

The following cover letter sample does this:


Seafood Clerk Cover Letter Example


65 Windsor Ave
Berkley Springs, WV 52141

August 27, 2017

Mr. Brian Evans
Human Resource Manager
Al’s Seafood Market
5800 Lost Point Avenue
Berkley Springs, WV 24511


Dear Mr. Evans:

Extensive experience of working in both a small seafood concern, and a large seafood market, makes me an excellent contender to hire as a Seafood Clerk at Al’s Seafood Market. With over 4 years of experience in this arena, I am positive that I will be able to provide your store with the expertise it needs in handling the frontend of its operations.

As a talented, competent and resourceful individual, I have often been commended highly on my ability to keep a balance between supply and demand. Perhaps my biggest accomplishment has been the fact that I have managed to streamline seafood packaging and storing activities, making it easy for the retail end of the work to function appropriately at my present place of work.

Demonstrated expertise in determining different types of seafood items, weighing them accurately, creating labels for each product, and ensuring that they are properly displayed for customer benefit is my niche. I have been quite active in upselling seafood products to customers, and have been credited with increasing the sale of delicacy items by 25% at one time.

Hoping to provide Al’s Seafood Market with the same level of expertise, I offer my services as a seafood clerk here. The details of my professional journey are placed in the enclosed resume. I will call you after the weekend to see if you have a time slot when we can meet and discuss this position in detail. In the meantime, I am available at (000) 320-8545 if you need to contact me.




Jeff Phillips

Enc: (Resume)