While switching jobs, you must make sure that you have all your job leaving documents with you. An important document that you will need in order to apply for any position is a reference letter from previous employer. Why? The reason is quite simple. A reference letter states how well an employee has performed in his previous role and what strengths he possesses that will make him successful in a future role.

While many employers struggle for words when they are asked to write a reference letter, it is actually quite easy to write. After all, all you have to do is be truthful about an employee. More often than not, an employee is handed his reference letter in a sealed envelope which means he has no idea what is written inside.

To write a reference letter, here are some points you need to keep in mind:

– An employee’s designation
– How long s/he has spent in your organization
– What his or her strengths are
– Any accomplishments that s/he achieved during their work tenure

Below is a sample reference letter for a clerical assistant that you may look at in order to learn how to write one for an employee leaving your company.


Clerical Assistant Reference Letter Sample


April 6, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to confirm that Jennifer Aniston has worked as a Clerical Assistant at Peak Technologies since October 2005. During this time, she was responsible for many duties all of which she performed with dedication and absolute enthusiasm.

Jennifer began her career as a clerical intern and was offered a permanent clerical assistant position before her internship ended. This was due to her immense contribution in handling the many clerical duties of extremely difficult nature in a fashion not less than that of a pro. Her knowledge of standard official procedures and functions was something that made us take notice of her abilities immediately.

As the face of Peak Technologies, she was a “joy to interact with” as one of our customers once said and was very helpful to her coworkers and supervisors. From basic clerical duties to the very complex administrative functions, Jennifer mastered it all and there are several recommendations for her promotion in the pipeline at this point in time.

The staff at Peak Technologies wishes her the best of luck for any position that she want to take up in the future. As her direct supervisor, I am positive that she will be a great asset to whichever company she decides to join.



Heather Hathaway

Heather Hathaway
Administrative Assistant
Peak Technologies
Tel: (444) 444-4444