Health Unit Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: October 8, 2015

You might be required to give a brief description of your health unit coordinator job in your resume’s experience section from time to time, or if you are an employer, you need to give the same description when placing a vacancy advertisement. Whichever the case may be, below are some guidelines regarding how to write job descriptions effectively.

• Clarity and Specification: It is advisable to give a very clear picture of what you expect from the ideal candidate in the job description. To do this, use very simple language and do not write anything vaguely. Clearly communicate what the candidate will be required to do.

• Format: Prefer short bullet points, categorically organized over long and heavy paragraphs describing the job in question. If needed you can segregate your bullet points into different sections, each with an appropriate heading.

• Exhaustibility: Write with space economy but also make sure that the list of duties you provide is comprehensive, complete and exhaustible. Include every little task the position will be responsible to carry out and do not take any piece of information for granted.

Health Unit Coordinator Job Description

• Implement standard patient care delivery SOPs and make sure HIPPA guidelines are being followed
• Coordinate with medical consultants and physicians to schedule appointments on behalf of admitted patients
• Carryout al required paper work and data gathering at the time of admittance
• Collaborate information regarding services provided to the patients and compile the same to generate appropriate bill
• Issue discharge slips to patients on clearance of dues
• Correspond with various insurance companies for claim processing
• Maintain the assigned unit in neat, orderly and sanitized condition
• Supervise the medical staff and assign their respective duties
• Handle any patient complaints and resolve the issue at priority
• Maintain the patient information database updated at all times
• Periodically take rounds of the unit, converse with patients and identify any service lapse
• Issue suggestions and recommendations for patient care policy amendments in order to improve the patient’s experience at the hospital
• Attend inbound visitor calls, directing them to the required departments and briefing the callers about visitor timings and protocols
• Explain the medical procedures, admittance, discharge and billing details to the attendants seeking information
• Ensure all patient data is kept confidential
• Assess patient needs and direct them towards relevant assistance resource
• Compile and maintain each patient’s separate file consisting of every detail of presenting complains, treatment delivered, stay duration, doctor’s notes and charted record
• Handle the unit logistics and acquire medical supplies for replenishing as needed
• Provide high level of patient care services and groom the medical staff in delivering the same