Clerk Skills List for Resume

Updated on: December 31, 2015

You force interviews into an employment black hole when you fail to concentrate on your skills in a resume. Employers do not consider resumes to be “good” if they don’t see a skills section. Hence, writing a good resume means that you place all information in it including a detailed skills section.

But beware. Clerical skills are often confused with competencies. They are not the same. If you are competent in one area, you can use one-liners to explain this. With skills, you have to be a little more detailed. A sentence spanning 10 or so words will suffice.

Each skill that you mention on your resume should be backed up by evidence that you really do have that skill. Failing to do so will end up in your point not being understood clearly by the hiring manager. Also, when you write skills on your resume, make sure that they are relevant to the position that you are applying for. Any skill which is irrelevant will probably make the reader do a double take ask “how is this going to help us?” Don’t make him think along the lines of you being un-eligible for the job.

For instance, for a clerical position, you will have to make sure that you show the employer that you are organized and can handle administrative duties well. For a list of clerical skills, refer below:

Skills List for Clerk Resume

• Adept at handling data entry duties by conforming to information handling protocols and ensuring accuracy of information
• Proficient in creating and managing manual and electronic filing systems by paying great attention to data integrity and confidentiality
• Demonstrated expertise in gathering information by indulging in detailed research efforts
• Highly skilled in manning the front desk by delivering exceptional customers services
• Hands-on experience in taking and recording minutes of the meeting by making sure that all details are captured accurately
• Competent at operating office machines such as photocopiers, scanners and printers and ensure their upkeep by making sure that preventative maintenance is performed on a regular basis
• Unmatched ability to maintain and update filing systems, handle inventory and database systems according to set company protocols
• Proven ability to create and maintain effective relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure on-time delivery of office supplies and equipment
• Qualified to prepare meeting agendas and handle executives’ travelling and accommodation arrangements by ensuring best possible deals
• Skilled in effectively communicating with customers and employees with a view to respond to their requests in a positive manner