Street Sweeper Resume Sample

Updated on: December 24, 2019

If your resume is being ignored by the recruiter, you will lose your first and possibly the only chance to bag the job of your dreams. Therefore, write your resume wisely and according to the needs and wants of the employer.

In fact, you must choose carefully what information needs to go into your resume.


Resumes are long and often arduous so it is important to put in information that is least sketchy and most informative.

Here is a resume sample for the position of a street sweeper to help you along.


Street Sweeper Resume Sample



Logan Freeman
78 Cool Road, Minot, ND 33222
(000) 999-9999 @ email . com

Physically agile individual with hands-on experience in performing a wide range of cleaning and maintenance tasks. Well versed in using and maintaining street sweeping machinery. Exceptionally talented in handling traffic emergencies with the excellent response time.

• Demonstrated expertise in operating motorized street sweeping machinery along specified routes
• Documented success in handling preventative and general maintenance tasks on motorized cleaning equipment
• Adept at assisting with snow and ice control by operating trucks with mounted plows
• Familiar with waste disposal techniques and biohazard safety procedures

Preventative maintenance | Alley repairs
Gutter cleaning | Record keeping
Reporting | Emergency response
Guard adjustments | Complaint addressing 


Street Sweeper
Top Maintenance, Minot, ND

• Take and understand orders for sweeping streets and gutter in assigned areas
• Fill water tanks at the beginning of each shit and ensure that they are refilled from fire hydrants as and when needed
• Drive sweeping vehicle to clean streets of debris, trash, and other contaminants
• Operate controls to activate rotary brushes and water sprays
• Store collected waste in the vehicle’s rear and transport it to designated dump areas
• Empty waste in dump areas, maintaining awareness of any hazardous materials

Key Achievements
• Trained 3 groups of street sweepers in the effective management of biohazard waste
• Led 12 classes to teach new hires about preventative and general maintenance tasks on motorized sweeping machinery
• Responded to a massive scale pileup 3 minutes before the standard response time, considering the distance
• Suggested a dump hole solution for biodegradable waste which resulted in the company being commended for its environmental contribution endeavors by Green Peace, USA

General Laborer
DBI Construction Services, Minot, ND 

• Cleaned job sites of debris, trash, and other hazardous materials
• Dug holes and trenches according to specific instructions provided for depth and width
• Pick up trash and debris using forklifts and dump trucks and transport them to dumping areas
• Perform minor maintenance and repair functions on tools and equipment

Sunrise High School, Minot, ND – 1994