Street Sweeper Operator Resume Sample

Updated on: February 10, 2024

Street Sweeper Operators are the unsung heroes of urban cleanliness and order. Their meticulous work ensures our streets and public spaces are maintained, contributing to the overall aesthetic and health of our cities.

This resume sample has been crafted to help street sweeper operators like you showcase your skills, experience, and dedication to potential employers. Whether you are advancing in your career or looking to break into the industry, this carefully structured resume outlines all the essential information, highlighting the unique qualifications that make a specialist in this field indispensable.

Get ready to rev up your career with a resume that sweeps the competition away!

Street Sweeper Operator Resume Sample

John Doe
[email protected]
Phone: (555) 123-4567
Address: 123 Clean Street, Cleansville, IN, 12345


Diligent and safety-focused street sweeper operator with over 8 years of experience in maintaining public roads, parking lots, and urban areas. Known for attention to detail, mechanical skills, and a strong record of punctuality and reliability. Seeking to leverage my expertise and knowledge to contribute to the Clean City team in creating a safe and inviting environment for the community.


  • Proficient with mechanical tools and street cleaning equipment
  • Knowledgeable in road safety regulations
  • Strong time-management and scheduling abilities
  • Excellent navigational and driving skills
  • Able to perform minor repairs and maintenance on equipment
  • Good physical stamina and capable of working in various weather conditions
  • Effective communication and team cooperation skills
  • Waste disposal and recycling protocols

Work Experience

Street Sweeper Operator
City of Cleansville | Cleansville, IN
May 2018 – Present

  • Operate street sweeping equipment for urban, suburban, and industrial areas, covering approximately 30 miles of city streets per week
  • Conduct pre- and post-operation checks to ensure safety and optimal function of the machinery
  • Coordinate with the city waste management department for the proper disposal of collected waste
  • Assist in the development of street cleaning schedules and route optimizations
  • Train new operators on equipment usage, maintenance procedures, and safety regulations

Street Sweeper Driver
Sparkling Streets Co. | Glowville, IN
September 2015 – April 2018

  • Performed daily street sweeping tasks to improve the appearance and sanitation of public areas
  • Reported any observed public road hazards and damages to the appropriate city department
  • Managed regular maintenance of the sweeper machine, including fluid changes, filter changes, and broom replacements
  • Engaged with the public to address their concerns about street cleaning operations and schedules


High School Diploma
Cleansville High School | Cleansville, IN
Graduated: May 2015


  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Street Sweeper Operations Certification – ISSA
  • First Aid & CPR Certified


Available upon request.