Street Sweeper Cover Letter [2 Samples and Guidelines]

Updated on: January 8, 2020

Your street sweeper cover letter must be armed with a great track record at work and associated qualifications.

Preparing to write a cover letter for this position is step one. Step two is collecting information regarding your skills and experiences. When you have all this information in one place, it is time to give it shape in the form of a cover letter.

Find out what the employer is seeking. Your understanding of the company and its mission will result in a higher likelihood of being considered, and retention when hired.

Demonstrating knowledge of driving street vehicles to clean streets of trash, debris, and other contaminants is essential when writing a cover letter.

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Street Sweeper Cover Letter Sample 1



Janice Ping
(000) 810-1093
[email protected]

January 8, 2020

Mr. Chad Williams
Human Resources Manager
Kentucky Cleaners
284 West Road
Somerset, KY 60322


Dear Mr. Williams:

I was excited to learn that Kentucky Cleaners is seeking a Street Sweeper. With my strong and diverse cleaning background, I am convinced that I would be a valuable asset to your team.

Throughout my 10 years of professional employment in the areas of city cleaning and maintenance, I have been recognized as a person who can get the job done. I developed a reputation for being enthusiastic, energetic, and organized, with my peers and supervisors constantly commending me on my ability to motivate others.

As you review my resume, I am confident that you will determine that my qualifications meet the requirements established by the State of Kentucky. Following are some highlights of my skills:

• Exceptionally talented in sweeping roads, streets, and parking areas using a street sweeper
• Highly skilled in assisting with cleaning up of spills, for example, oils, fuel, and concrete
• Proven ability to undertake quality general maintenance and minor repairs
• Adept at effectively operating suction sweepers to minimize the risk of damage
• Proficient in following the protocols to remove graffiti on street signs and buildings

My resume details my knowledge of, and experience as a street sweeper. What it cannot illustrate, however, is the degree of professionalism and passion that I offer as an employee. A personal conversation will enable us to discuss how I can contribute to a street sweeper role. I look forward to exploring this opportunity with you in the near future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Janice Ping



Street Sweeper Cover Letter Sample 2



Sheridan Pollock
363 V. New Street
Hot Springs, SD 65214
(000) 741-4747
Sheridan @ email . com

January 8, 2020

Mr. Todd Hammer
Manager Human Resources
Maintenance Tops
22 Jennings Avenue
Hot Springs, SD 79322


Dear Mr. Hammer:

As I skimmed through your advertisement for a street sweeper position at Maintenance Tops, I could not help but notice the parity between your requirements and my skills. Specifically, they are:

• Track record of safely operating motorized sweepers and other motorized maintenance equipment on designated routes
• Demonstrated ability to perform preventative and general maintenance on sweeping vehicles and equipment
• Documented success in responding to calls for debris pick up in emergency situations

My best response time beat the record response time by 3 minutes while I was working for Cortel Maintenance Services. This type of professionalism is hard to come by, even if I do say so myself, and I am sure that your company will benefit much from it. Moreover, I am specifically trained in safely handling hazardous materials and disposing of them following explicit disposal instructions.

I would like an opportunity to meet with you and discuss my prospects in person. I will call your office in a few days to ask for an interview date and time. I can be contacted at (000) 741-4747.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sheridan Pollock

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What does a street sweeper cover letter consist of?

Without a cover letter, there is probably not another way of telling a prospective employer that you are the right person for the job.

The mechanics of sales power in a cover letter is important to comprehend. Yes, sales – after all, you are selling your skills to the employer when you apply for a job.

Telling the employer what you can do for him specifically is what will pique his interest in you. You cannot put generalized information in a cover letter as it will kill the purpose of writing one. Each cover letter that you write needs to be different from the other. And the gist should be:

You want A, I offer A. You want B, I offer B.

What you want is what you will get – that is the essence of a cover letter.