Top 6 House Cleaner Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 3, 2020

When you are appearing for an interview for a position in which you have to work at someone’s house, the bar is raised automatically.

People who will interview you for such a position will want to know not just what kind of work you do, but also how well you fit in with the family.

So keep yourself ready for trick questions coming your way, especially if you are appearing for an interview for a house cleaner position.

Here are some questions that you may be asked:

Interview Questions and Answers for a House Cleaner

1. How do you think working as a cleaner inside a house is different from working as one in a commercial setting?

The difference between working as a house cleaner and one at a commercial place is quite stark. For the former, it is imperative to possess a different set of skills. You have to respect people’s privacy more than you would in a commercial setting, and you also need to be ready to do work which is not really part of your original job description.

2. What was your job description in a previous role as a house cleaner?

I was required to perform cleaning jobs – sweeping and mopping were my primary duties. In addition to this, I was responsible for washing bathrooms and kitchens, doing laundry (including ironing), and handling some cooking jobs as well.

3. What makes it worth your while to work as a house cleaner?

As someone who likes things spic and span at all times, looking at a cleaning job well done is something that makes me extremely happy. When I know that I have done everything according to the set standards, I am satisfied with my work.

4. Can you tell us about your skillset that makes you a great choice to work as a house cleaner?

I am a very thorough person, who likes finishing what she has started. Also, I am knowledgeable about all cleaning methods and can safely use cleaning agents to perform my work. Additionally, I am strong physically, which makes this demanding job easy for me to do.

5. How do you feel about doing odd jobs that are not part of your job description?

When one is working in someone’s house, one becomes a sort of family member. If asked politely and without exploitation, I really do not mind doing odd jobs even if they are not part of my original job description.

6. If you were offered a job in a business setting, would you take it up? Why or why not?

I would have to decline it. Working as a house cleaner is my forte – it is something that I enjoy. I doubt that I will be able to feel the same way working in a not so personal setting.