Office Cleaner Reference Letter Sample

Updated on: January 14, 2023

Reference letters are “praise letters” which are used as common tools to obtain jobs.

These letters are written by previous employers to prospective/new ones and detail a candidate’s eligibility for a certain position.

Typically, reference letters are written bearing in mind the specific requirements of the job that an individual has applied for.

Many reference letters are written as “standard” as well but a reference letter that is focused on a particular position holds more weight than its standardized counterpart.

A reference letter written for an office cleaner’s job includes details of the individual’s knowledge of cleaning procedures and how he kept your office spic and span constantly.

Since reference letters are required to be written in a manner that highlights an individual’s most marketable assets to a new employer, it is important to first jot down what these assets are and how you can put them down in a reference letter.

Since you provide a personal guarantee for someone when you write a reference letter, it is important to be careful with details and make sure that you do not stretch the truth.

You must be honest and attempt to downplay the individual’s bad points.

Here is how you can write a reference letter for an office cleaner:

Office Cleaner Reference Letter Sample

January 14, 2023

To Whom It May Concern

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this reference letter for Gordon Jackson who has worked as an Office Cleaner at [Company Name] for 5 years. He is a good example of “work seen, worker not seen” as he does his work with passion and does not delay cleaning work due to any reason.

Gordon is an energetic individual who knows his work inside out. He has a good knowledge of sophisticated cleaning equipment and is especially skilled in handling and mixing hazardous cleaning materials safely. He has never had a supervisor; he has never needed one which reflects on how well he can conduct himself and his work. He is dependable and punctual – I do not remember a time when he took time off from work or did not report back on time after designated holidays had ended.

Enthusiastic, hardworking, and responsible are just three words that describe Gordon. I believe our company has lost an asset due to Gordon’s decision to move. The staff at [Company Name] wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

Please call me at (000) 325-6956 if you need any more information about Gordon or his work.

Best regards,

Robert Murdoch
[Company Name]
(000) 325-6956

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