Insurance Claims Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 12, 2022

An insurance claims adjuster works for insurance companies, where his or her job is to make sure that claims are adjusted in a prompt way.

The main idea behind hiring an insurance claims adjuster is to ensure that claims are processed in a proper manner.

Working as an insurance claims adjuster requires one to be a great communicator.

Since you have to work alongside different types of people, you have to possess exceptional interpersonal skills as well.

To see what duties you must perform when working as an insurance claims adjuster, have a look at the following list:

Insurance Claims Job Description for Resume

• Engage clients in conversation in order to derive information.

• Meet with witnesses to gather information.

• Investigate insurance claims made by customers.

• Process claims such as property, liability, home, life, and personal injury.

• Inspect damages done to the property.

• Examine photographs, videos, and audio clips.

• Evaluate the extent of damage done to property and person.

• Research insurance policies in order to determine their coverage.

• Present claims to the right departments, and investigate them further.

• Negotiate with claimants in order to settle claim payments.

• Determine payment amounts.

• Gather information from sources such as police and hospital reports.

• Investigate claims that may seem questionable in nature.

• Prepare and submit reports for claims examiners.

• Consult with professionals such as lawyers and physicians.

• Look at damages to determine payment amounts.

• Examine witness statements and record data.

• Issue payment amounts through instruments such as checks, and pay orders.

• Collect evidence required to support information in reports.

• Obtain information such as credit scores.

• Examine property titles to determine validity.

• Follow up with parties involved in accidents and/or damage.

• Provide claimants with information on claim outcomes.

• Address complaints and queries in a proper manner.

• Process paperwork associated with claims payments.

• Determine untrue or fraudulent claims, and report them promptly.

• Take and record statements from insureds, claimants, and witnesses.

• Create and maintain liaison with claimants’ attorneys in order to settle claims.

• Partner with appraisers and estimators to manage repairs and maintenance.

Insurance Claims Qualifications

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as an insurance claims adjuster.

Of course, prior experience in working as an insurance claims adjuster will be considered a plus point.

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