Claim Adjuster Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 26, 2018

Defined skills on a resume look great. They provide hiring managers with great insight into what your main capabilities are, and how you have used them in the past.

The way in which your skills have been used in the past will determine how they will be seen in the future.

All hiring managers require you to possess exceptional skills in particular areas, and you have to come out on top each time.

Writing skills statements is a bit tricky at times, especially if you are unaware of how they are written. Making sure that the skills statements which you present to a hiring manager talk volumes about your abilities and strengths are important.

What is even more important is how you word your statements. Remember that run of the mill statements does not work well. Hiring managers have seen and dealt with many that operate in the same way. You have to come out on top of the rest of the candidates who have applied for the same job. How would you do this? Making this happen is not too difficult in all honesty.

You have to first gather all the information that you possess regarding your skills and abilities, and then make them come alive in well-placed statements.

Here are some skills statements for a claims adjuster position, which you can look through for reference purposes:

Sample Skills for Claim Adjuster Resume

• Demonstrated ability to interview insureds, claimants, and other parties to determine facts about applied claims.

• Ability to create and document claims files to comply with company guidelines and state regulations.

• Well-versed in reviewing factual information, aimed at determining coverage and liability of all parties to the claim.

• Proficient in determining the value of the claim, considering depreciation, and actual cash value.

• Highly skilled in resolving complaints, and participating in arbitration and grievance procedures.

• Adept at determining policy statuses and coverage, and reviewing appropriate policies and endorsements.

• Proven ability to make prompt contacts with policyholders, claimants, witnesses, and other parties who are involved in the loss.

• Qualified to conduct investigations to determine coverage, liability, and damages, including recorded statements.

• Competent in ensuring regular and timely follow up, and bringing claims to prompt and appropriate conclusion, while keeping clients informed of all procedures.

• Deep familiarity with handling and processing a variety of claims, including automobile, life, and home insurance.

• Solid track record of effectively inspecting property to determine extent of damage, in sync with applied claims.