Spa Locker Room Attendant Job Description

Updated on: May 26, 2018

Position Overview

A spa locker room attendant works for independent spas, or those within hotels and resorts, depending on his or her specific placement.

The primary work of a person at this position is to make sure that patrons’ belongings are kept safe while they are using different facilities.

Position Requirements

Working as a spa locker room requires a high school diploma or a GED at the very least – no formal education is required. What is required is a friendly and patient personality, with great focus on patron satisfaction, and repeat business.

As a spa locker room attendant, you will need to be on your toes constantly, and possess the ability to handle more than one patrons at the same time, providing each of them with a high level of service.

Moreover, you will need to be able to handle complaints in a proactive manner, and ensure that any suggestions provided by patrons are taken into account in a positive manner.

As a spa locker room attendant, your main work will revolve around ensuring that patrons are comfortable, and feel safe where their belongings are concerned. Maintaining the facility in great condition, in terms of cleaning and sanitization will be part of your work as well.

If you have had some experience in a spa, or a hospitality environment, your candidature will be considered a priority. Here are some duties that you will be performing when working as a spa locker room attendant:

Spa Locker Room Attendant Duties & Responsibilities

• Greet patrons as they arrive at the locker room, and assign them lockers, based on their specific requirements.

• Provide patrons with information on the rules and regulations of the spa locker room, and hand them keys to assigned lockers.

• Offer professional and friendly help to patrons, aiming to keep them happy and satisfied with the service.

• Assist in the maintenance of the locker room and patrons’ lockers, ensuring that all remains in order, at all times.

• Provide assistance to patrons in terms of confirming appointment times, booking services, and providing directional assistance.

• Offer robes, and slippers to patrons, and respond to requests for water and other allowed beverages.

• Ascertain that the facility remains clean and sanitized at all times, by coordinating with janitorial staff, and overseeing their work.

• Handle replenishing work associated with stocking towels, amenities, water, tea, and other patron-related supplies.

• Perform opening and closing duties, including setting up and breaking down the locker room on a daily basis.